Be Grateful for the Angels in Your Life

Be grateful for the angels in your life and more will arrive.

We all have angels in our life – angelic beings, earth angels and angels in disguise. We may not recognize them at the time, but they are here watching over us, protecting us, and encouraging us to heal, grow and express our gifts and talents.

While some are in non-physical form, many are human beings shining a light on our path. And then there are those who appear as dark forces tripping us up, but in reality, they too are serving a higher purpose.

Acknowledging these precious souls and being grateful for their presence opens us up to receive more miracles in our lives.

Be Thankful to Your Guardian Angels

I wasn’t raised in any particular religious faith, but I always sensed that guardian angels where watching over me. Perhaps I was influenced by the Christian culture surrounding me, or maybe I just wanted to believe in angels so I could feel safe. But as I’ve grown into my spiritual awareness I’ve felt their presence so strong at times, I know they are here.

When I say hello to them and ask them to come close I feel a warm blanket of love surround me. I can’t help but be grateful for their loving presence. If I ask, they will find ways to support me to stay amused, joyful and present in my life.

Take time to connect to the guardian angels in your life. Close your eyes and sense their presence. Ask them to send you a healing message. You may hear your own voice saying how wonderful you are, or you may notice a song on the radio or receive an uplifting email. Keep your eyes open to signs, and be thankful for what you receive.

Be Grateful for Earth Angels

I am continually amazed at how the right person shows up in my life just when I need to hear an important message, get a nudge in the right direction, or receive support and encouragement to take my next step.

As I reflect over my life I see how one person’s suggestion led to a brand new career, how another’s encouragement prevented me from quitting when the going got tough, how a stranger’s words opened my heart, and how various friend’s support arrived just when I needed it in order to embark on a new adventure. I am eternally grateful for these angels in human form.

Reflect over your life to see who showed up at just the right time. Who encouraged you when you needed it? Who suggested an idea that opened a new path for you? Who held your hand when you were in despair? Who saw through the masks you wear and into your true bright essence? Feel gratitude for these angles.

Find Gratitude for the Angels in Disguise

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the only people we ever encountered were kind, loving, supportive and optimistic? At first glance it would appear so. But in reality, if we didn’t see our dark side reflected in someone else, how would we know it was within us? How would we bring our wounded parts to the surface for healing if our buttons weren’t pushed and our emotions weren’t triggered?

It’s the difficult people in our lives that flatten us to the floor so we can eventually learn to stand strong on our own two feet. It’s the micromanaging boss who highlights our own control issues. The dysfunctional family member who to teaches us to create healthy boundaries. And the insensitive friend who ignites forgiveness within us. Where would we be without these angels in disguise?

Step away from blame and judgment long enough to see the lessons and gifts the challenging people bring to your life. Then you will see how everyone who comes into your life is some form of angel – including you.

Do you have any questions or stories to share on being grateful for the angels in your life? Please share in the comment section – I’d love to hear from you.

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    Hello Rebecca,

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  3. Baffour Gyimah says:

    Hello Gini, guess u still around to help. i have also been trying to get assistance for a spiritual breakthrough. will need your support please. could u through ma mail communicate and help me out.
    Best regards.


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