Change Perspective to Change Your Life

A change of perspective can change your life in an instant.

Ever wonder what your life looks like from someone else’s view? Something you think is going wrong could look like a great opportunity to a friend, or a wonderful adventure you are experiencing could raise red flags in a family member’s eyes. In the end, your perspective of life is what really matters.

This is why a perspective change during stagnant, painful or difficult times can change your life for the better.

When uncomfortable situations come our way it’s easy to get bogged down in negative thoughts such as “what’s wrong”, “why me”, or “it’s all going downhill.” When we go down that spiral of victim hood or resistance things only feel worse. Months down the road when we look back with a broader perspective of what was happening, we see how new opportunities emerged that may not have without that apparent difficult situation. It dawns on us that we were on the right path all along!

So how can we stay connected to the bigger picture when life gets difficult or even just stale? Shifting our perspective a few degrees can show us that more is going on here. Perhaps we need to expand our view and look beyond the current situation to see what other possibilities are opening up. Or maybe its time to focus on the details and see what lessons and skills are being developed as a result of the experience.

Rather than judge a situation as good or bad, right or wrong, we can broaden our perspective and see that everything has a purpose – if we want it to. As Wayne Dyer once said, “change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.”

How to Change Perspective

Explore the following questions and suggestions as a way to shift viewpoints and change your life for the better.

~ Reflect over your past and notice the times when things were not going well for you. What was happening for you on a personal and spiritual growth level? Can you see the life lessons, growth and opportunities that arose as a result of these difficult situations?

~ Track the various areas of your life now (career, relationships, money, health, fun, creativity, etc.) and notice how your perspective changes each day depending on your mood, attitude, thoughts, etc. What has the biggest effect on your perspective? What can you do about this?

~ Choose an area of your life that you are not currently satisfied with and look at it from different perspectives. What lessons might you be learning? What opportunities are hiding in the background? What might be worse than this situation? What strengths are you gaining? Brainstorm a list of benefits to help you change perspective.

~ Imagine you have the confidence, certainty, skills or talents to change your life right now. From this new viewpoint, what step would you take in your life? Adopt the attitude, feeling and mindset that you need in order to succeed.

~ Remember that what is happening today is a result of thoughts and actions from yesterday. The external world has less power over you than your thoughts, attitude and actions do. If you don’t like what you’ve manifested in your life, recognize how your beliefs and behaviors created this. Own your power to change your life in a new direction.

A simple shift in perspective can alter your current experience and your future reality. Enhance your possibilities by opening your mind to new vistas.

Do you have any questions or insights on how you can change perspective to change your life? Please share in the comment section.

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