Creating a Spiritual Connection with Your Spouse

To create a spiritual connection with your spouse, see the spirit within.

Those on a spiritual path yearn to connect deeply with their friends, family, and especially their spouse. When you’ve touched into the richness of your self on a soul level, you naturally want to share this experience with the person you’ve committed to spending your life with. But what happens if your partner is not aware of their spiritual essence or is not interested in pursuing a spiritual relationship?

If your spouse is on a conscious spiritual journey, creating a deeper spiritual connection with him or her is easy. If they are not, you can still connect on this level, but it may not be something you openly talk about. I’ve included tips for deepening a spiritual relationship that already exists, and tips for creating a new spiritual connection.

How to Deepen a Spiritual Relationship

If your partner is open to spirituality, there are many ways to enrich your relationship on this level.

Read inspirational and spiritual books together. Make a commitment to put aside time each evening or on the weekend to read a chapter or two out loud to each other from an inspiring book or spiritual text. Afterwards share your thoughts, insights and feelings about what you read and how it applies to you individually and to your relationship.

Meditate with each other. Meditation, in addition to having many physical, mental and emotional health benefits, is a wonderful way to awaken to your self as a spiritual being. When two or more people meditate together they create a higher energy vibration in the room, which supports further spiritual awakening. Imagine the effects on your relationship if your home is infused with spiritual energy.

Pray together as a couple. Connecting to the God of your heart on your own or with a spiritual group is healing and bonding. Praying with your spouse each day or evening will deepen the bond between the both of you and the Divine. Explore praying together silently and out loud to see what works best.

Make a commitment to honor the spirit within. When two people recognize they are more than their appearances and personality; more than the physical body and its emotions; more than the mind and its thoughts; and more than the ego’s behaviors and reactions, they connect with the infinite, expansive spirit within themselves and each other. Say hello to the spirit within your spouse each time you greet him or her.

How to Create a Spiritual Connection

If your partner is not open to talking about spirituality or to participating in the above spiritual practices, you can still create your own spiritual connection with your beloved.

See the spirit within. Center within your spiritual self, beyond your mind’s thoughts and body’s emotions, and say hello to the spirit within your partner. Viewing your spouse as a spiritual being will automatically create a spiritual connection whether they are consciously aware of it or not.

Communicate from the heart and soul. When you have a conversation with your spouse, take it a level deeper than the intellect or the emotions by communicating from your heart and soul. Be aware of yourself as a spiritual being and feel the love in your heart each time you relate to your spouse.

Play and share joy together. Amusement, enthusiasm and joy are a few of the higher states people experience when they are in touch with their soul. Participate in activities together that support you to share these states of being with each other.

Surrender your relationship. Trying to control a relationship or push it in a direction that one spouse doesn’t want to go only puts strain on a marriage. Surrender your relationship to the God of your heart and ask that it be raised to a higher spiritual level. As you let go and trust the process, it will evolve in ways beyond your imagination.

Do you have any questions or comments on how to create a spiritual connection with your spouse? Please share below.

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One Response to Creating a Spiritual Connection with Your Spouse

  1. Lenore says:

    spiritually connecting is difficult when we believe differently and also worship differently, but still married anyway for love.getting harder and harder to connect on a deeper level.want to stay together but growing distant more and more daily.

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