Dealing with Change by Releasing, Embracing and Trusting

Dealing with change involves releasing the past, embracing the present and trusting the future.

Everything changes. Just as fall turns into winter and leaves turn from shades of green into yellow, crimson and brown, we too undergo our own seasons of change. Ever dying to the old and emerging into the new you’d think we’d get used to change. Although we may have pioneering spirits, our bodies still tend to prefer the status quo. How we handle change and negotiate it with our mind and body determines how much flow versus resistance we experience.

Each person deals with change differently. Embarking on a new adventure that entails some risk, triggers doubt in some peoples’ minds. “Are you sure this is safe?”, “What if it doesn’t work?”, “What if I FAIL!” As people put those concerns aside and take their next step forward into the unknown their body might act up. Cravings for salts and sweets begin, followed by the urge to climb into bed, pull the covers overhead and hide there forever. Once a person makes it through this phase and continues on with their plans, they usually come out the other end feeling free like a butterfly that’s just burst out of a cocoon. What was all the fuss about?

As we go through change in our lives, it means letting go of something old or outdated in order to open up to something new and better for us. If we cling to the past or resist the process we increase tension, anxiety, and doubt, and we feel stuck, moody and basically miserable. If we want to feel at ease in our lives we need to release the past, embrace the present and trust the future.

Explore these questions as a way to gain insights into how you handle change.

How you experience change. Do you often initiate change or does it happen to you unexpectedly? Do you usually embrace it fully, passively participate, or strongly resist? How does your reaction to change support you and what does it cost you?

Current changes in your life. What changes are you currently going through? Are they internal, external or both. If you were a season, what time of year would you be in? Are you in the season of fall letting go, or the dead of winter, springing into something new, or enjoying your blossoms and fruits?

Reactions to change. What are your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual reactions to change? Do you tend to feel fearful, angry, sad, enthusiastic or joyful? Do your thoughts slow down or speed up? Does your clarity increase or get cloudy? Do you have bursts of energy or feel drained? Do you crave foods or activities? Do you lose your spiritual connection or do you go deeper into it?

Try the following ideas as a way to deal with change more effectively.

See the positive in change. Reflect over the past year or two and notice the changes you’ve gone through. Do you view them as positive, negative or neutral experiences? If you currently view them as negative, brainstorm a list of possible positive reasons for the change. What opportunities arose? How did you grow as a result? What important life lessons did you learn?

Calm your mind during change. If your mind tends to worry, become fearful, doubtful or over excited, listen to the messages and discern what is true and false. Bring your mind into the present moment; don’t rehash the past or fret about what might happen in the future. Release past and future, and embrace what is going well right now in the present. What perspective would support you to handle change so you can move forward with ease and joy? Make a note of this so you can refer to it whenever you need to.

Support your body through change. Right now, notice the changes you are going through. They may be small and insignificant or big and life altering. Become aware of what your body needs during this time of change. Does it need exercise, rest, nutrition, pampering? It might help to close your eyes, ask your body what it needs and listen to its response through words, pictures or sensations.

Connect to your higher spiritual self. When we are centered within our spiritual self, we know we are safe and can easily access our intuition for guidance. Use prayer or meditation as a way to connect to your higher self and the God of your heart so you can trust the process of change.

Do you have any questions on how to deal with change or any ideas for how to release the past, embrace the present and trust the future while going through change? Please share below.

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