Empower Yourself by Empowering Others

As you shine your light on others, it’s easier for them to shine their light.

One of the best ways to empower yourself is by empowering others. Why, because when you focus on what’s great in someone else, your greatness expands. Empowerment is a high vibration. It’s a feeling of certainty, confidence, enthusiasm and joy. It involves owning your power from the inside out.

When we feel empowered we honor our needs, values, talents and gifts. We don’t hide under fear, doubt or victimhood. We express ourselves fully, follow our dreams, and support others to do the same.

When we feel this good about ourselves, we can look at our flaws with love and acceptance instead of judgment and disdain. We know we are in a process of growth and learning, which involves making mistakes, getting hurt, and getting back up on our feet again. We trust the process of life and know deep within that everyone and everything that comes into our lives has either a gift or a lesson to offer us.

So the next time you’re feeling down, small or fearful, empower yourself by empowering others. Here’s how:

Focus on another’s potential. Think of someone you know who has gifts, skills or talents that they are shy about or fearful of moving forward with. Envision them stepping into their power. See their certainty and confidence rise. Watch as their joy and enthusiasm catapults them into expressing their gifts. Doing this visual exercise will ignite the feeling of empowerment in you as well as in them (thoughts are forms of energy which spread easily from one person to another).

Encourage friends and family. Each time you come into contact with friends and family, empower them by shining a light on their positive qualities. Again, this will affect you as much as them. Don’t be concerned about them returning the favor; as you give you naturally receive.

Send blessings to strangers. As you encounter clerks, servers and salespeople, part with a few words of encouragement such as “Have a wonderful day,” and feel it as you say it. As you walk past strangers on the street, send them a silent blessing. It might be something simple such as “May you know your divine brilliance.”

Turn tragedies around. It’s easy to fall into hopelessness and victimhood when we encounter a tragedy. Even when we witness friends, family or fellow humans in another part of the world struggling, we tend to drop our vibration and go into sympathy. Rise up into a place of compassion and empowerment by focusing on the possibilities. With yourself, search for the lessons and gifts available. With friends and family, focus on the healing and growth taking place. With world catastrophes, notice the love and compassion that arises as a result.

Imagine being empowered. Once you’ve shined your light on others, shine it on yourself. Touch into the feeling of empowerment through your imagination. Close your eyes and center within yourself. Imagine a dot of clear gold in the center of your head and let it expand to fill your whole body from head to toe. Gold is an uplifting vibration. Then repeat the word, “Empowerment” a few times. Add to it, “I am empowered,” and feel the resonance of that. Tune into the energy of certainty and confidence within you and turn up the volume until all the cells in your body vibrate at that level. Now imagine living your life from this empowered state.

Make a commitment to yourself to empower others on a daily basis, as well as touching into the feeling of it within. After a month of doing this you will feel so magnificent you will radiate empowerment.

Do you have any questions or insights to share on how to empower yourself by empowering others? Please comment below the article.

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