How to Stay Positive During a Family Crisis

In order to stay positive during a family crisis, own your power, stay amused and trust yourself.

Staying positive during a family crisis isn’t easy when each family member has a different coping mechanism. Some people step into their power during difficult situations, finding immediate solutions. Others are natural caregivers and know just what to say to soothe shattered emotions. Some crumble under the pressure and feel helpless.

Regardless of your coping techniques, it’s helpful to stay positive for yourself and others during a family crisis. While acknowledging and expressing feelings is important, an optimistic attitude helps people to process charged emotions without getting lost in them. It supports people to see possibilities and not get caught in the drama. And most importantly, being positive reminds people that they are bigger than any problems in their life.

Here are some suggestions for how to stay positive during a family crisis.

Stay grounded and centered. The shock of a crisis can cause people to lose their grounding and scatter their energy. When you center within yourself, you can access your logical and intuitive abilities allowing you to make decisions with more clarity. Take time each day to turn inward in silence and tune out all the external distractions. Use meditation, prayer or visualization as a way to get grounded and centered and connect to your inner power and joy.

Avoid judgment and blame. Blaming others, particularly other family members, for causing the crisis or for not handling it well will only escalate problems. Recognize that each person has their own way of handling difficult situations and is doing the best they can given their skill set and coping techniques. See the best in each person involved and stay focused on solutions.

Stay in the present moment. People need to vent and share feelings when a family crisis occurs as it helps them to process. But getting caught in retelling all the details over and over again creates drama, which prevents people from moving forward. Stay in the present moment with what is happening now by focusing on current reality and present moment feelings.

See the bigger picture. Family crises occur for everyone at some point in their life. Take a step back to see that what is occurring now is only one aspect of a full family life. There are many times when difficult situations arise as a way to create new opportunities, which are only seen in hindsight. Look for the learning, growth and healing possibilities that are opening up right now.

Find your amusement. Laughter is healing for the mind, body and soul. You can’t be in fear or overwhelm and in a light, amused mood at the same time. Find ways to see the humor in the situation or to focus on something else that is light and amusing.

Trust that things will work out. Not seeing a solution right in front of you and not knowing what’s going to happen next can be intimidating. Yet when we trust that things will work out we relax and suddenly solutions and opportunities arise. Surrender your fears to your higher self and the God of our heart.

Do you have any questions or additional ideas on how to stay positive during a family crisis? Please share below.

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