Improve Your Mood by Shifting Your Energy

If you want to improve your mood, shift your energy to a higher vibration.

Everything is made up of energy, which vibrates at certain frequencies. Our life force energy flows through our body, keeping us alive. Our thoughts, emotions and attitudes are filled with a vibration of energy. Even the environments around us have a certain energy frequency. Notice how a library has a quiet, serious setting while a party has an uplifted feeling. Each person’s home will have an ambiance reflected by their mood. A work environment will have an office culture energy set by the employees or management. With this awareness we can improve our mood by simply shifting our energy.

Most of us were not raised with an awareness of our energy or how it affects our health, moods, and what we attract in to our lives. We can become aware of this now and consciously shift our energy in order to feel healthier and happier, and create the surroundings we want. There are many ways to shift energy. The most obvious is with our bodies – moving, stretching and exercising can certainly energize us and shift our mood. Our thoughts are another way as they vibrate with energy and affect our emotions. By thinking worrisome thoughts we instantly feel anxious and fearful or by thinking amusing thoughts we feel light and playful. This affects how our bodies function, how we see the world, and because like attracts like, it determines what people, situations and circumstances we bring into our lives to match our vibration.

A more subtle, yet potent way to change our energy flow is to simply be aware of who we are, bigger than our bodies and our thoughts. From this place of ease and empowerment we automatically raise our vibration without having to think about it. By living from our spiritual center, we have the power to energize ourselves and our lives in any way we want.

Explore the following ways to improve your mood by shifting your energy.

Notice what affects your mood and energy. What has the most affect on your mood and energy? Is it your surroundings, the people around you, circumstances or are you able to maintain your own mood and energy no matter what is going on around you? Notice whether you match others and the environment or if you are able to set your own tone.

Use your body to shift your energy. When you are feeling down, lethargic or tense, use movement and breathing to shift your energy. If you have been sitting, get up and walk around or stretch. If you are frustrated or anxious, use deep calming breaths to relax, or if you are tired, use quicker breaths in and out of your nose to wake up your senses.

Use your thoughts to improve your mood. Play with consciously shifting your mood and energy with your thoughts. If you feel pessimistic, think of something positive. If you feel fearful, focus on the people, pets and places you love. Notice what is going through your mind and choose to think lighter, happier thoughts and notice the effect this has on you.

Allow nature to shift your energy. Tune into the peaceful or energetic states of nature. Lean against a tree to be more grounded. Calm your mind and body by sitting next to a slow moving stream. Energize yourself by matching the vibration of a waterfall. Watch clouds float by to lighten your perspective.

Create your own energy set. You can access whatever state of energy you choose to simply with your intention. Turn inward and center within your spiritual self. Set your intention to increase your energy vibration to a place of lightness and joy. Turn up the volume on this vibration and let it flow throughout your whole body, down to the cells and the spaces between the cells. Notice what this does to your mood and attitude.

I hope these suggestions for shifting your energy help you to improve your mood and live a healthier, happier life. Please share your insights and questions in the comment section below.

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  1. Sam Sharma says:

    Nice article, I like your this point “Notice what affects your mood and energy”. Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts!! :)

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