Love Your Life and Watch it Blossom

Watch your relationships, health, career, and life blossom when you love your life with all your heart.

Just as water and sunshine nourish plants so they grow and blossom, love feeds our soul so it can shine through and grace our lives. When we touch into the love and affinity we feel for a friend, a partner, a family member, an animal, nature, a hobby, or career, it brings us in touch with our true nature. It ignites a spark within us; a spark of light that lifts us up beyond our daily roles and tasks, past temporary turmoil and into a remembrance of who we are at the core of our being.

It is easy to lose sight of our affinity for self and others when we are caught up in our daily tasks, accomplishing as many items on our ‘to do’ list as we can. With the myriad of responsibilities in our life and the whirlwind of chaos in the world, we can get lost in the debris. Yet as we turn inward and connect with the love we feel for the small and large things in our life, we see the bigger picture and regain a healthy balance and perspective.

As you love your life by focusing on what you are drawn to, what you appreciate, and what you feel a connection with, your heart will open and your life will blossom in all directions.

6 Ways to Love Your Life

Play with these 6 suggestions for loving your life on a daily basis and watch how your mood lightens, your attitude brightens and you attract more loving people and situations into your life.

1. Connect with the people you love. Who do you have an affinity with right now? Who are the people you resonate with and are fond of in your life? What supports that connection? What diminishes it? Do what you can to increase the positive connection with these people.

2. Accept the people you don’t resonate with. Who triggers you or turns you off in your lift right now? Let go of judgments and accept them as they are. See who they are at a soul level, deeper than their ego personality and this will support you to feel compassion and love for them.

3. Spend time in nature. What aspects of nature do you have an affinity with? Do you love trees, flowers, forests, fields, beaches, sunshine, water, snow capped mountains? How does it feel when you connect with nature? Take time each day to appreciate nature as a way to open your heart.

4. Love your life path. Do you have an affinity for the path you are on in life? Explore your affinity with the various areas in your life such as your relationships, your career path, and your personal and spiritual growth. What aspects of your life path do you love and appreciate? Let this feeling of love and appreciation fill your whole body down to the cells.

5. Balance your life. What areas of your life are out of balance? Which areas are you not in affinity with? What steps can you take that will support you to love all areas of your life? Do you need to create positive change in an area, or perhaps be more accepting, loving and forgiving?

6. Bring love into your life. Each day as you wake up, tune into your natural state of affinity. Feel the glow of love within your heart and soul and bring this into your day. Throughout the day if you notice you’ve dropped out of affinity, simply re-tune to it by focusing on something you love about your life.

Do you have any questions or insights on how to love your life so it can blossom? Please share below.

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