Own Your Power – Don’t Give Your Power Away

True power emanates from within. Own your power for yourself and no one else.

Who are you when you are in your power? When your are living from your center, your bigness, your authentic self? What happens when you give your power away to others, circumstances, fear or doubt?

When we step into our true power we shine from the inside out. We feel solid and grounded while light and flexible at the same time. We rise above judgmental thinking; those right and wrong, good and bad dichotomies. We see the bigger picture in life. We stop ‘shoulding’ ourselves and others. We breathe and relax. We stop pushing too hard and beating ourselves up and instead move into the flow of life and allow better possibilities to bubble forth.

Our true power emanates from deep within our core. Unobstructed it lights the way to abundance, affinity and freedom. It’s only when we let our smaller selves rule that we get stuck with invalidation, doubt and fear. When we look to others for approval, direction and attention we get lost. We start to seek love externally instead of loving ourselves. We trust other’s opinions above our own. We believe we are small and powerless.

Why do we give our power away when it brings us nothing but strife and disappointment? Why do some try to gain power over others as a way to feel strong? Somehow, somewhere we forget who we are and how truly powerful we are. We let the muck cover our eyes and we lose sight of our true selves. Thankfully, we always have a choice, and with a little awareness we can choose again in every moment.

How to Own Your Power in Each Moment

Explore the following 4 questions and insights as a way to fully own your power.

1. Where are you operating from in your life right now at this moment? Are you standing in your power or are you letting your smaller self rule the day? Are you giving your power away to others, or are you spiritually centered within yourself? With awareness, you can step back into your power right now.

2. How do you know when you are living from your center and owning your power? How do you feel emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually? What are your cues when you are letting your smaller self rule? How do you feel, think, and behave towards yourself and others? Let these be cues be a reminder to take your power back.

3. Tune into what it feels like to be centered and owning your power. Write down how you feel about yourself and the world from this place. Write down the benefits of living from this state. Read this over daily as a way to stay spiritually centered.

4. Brainstorm a list of what triggers and motivates you to slip into your small self. What needs are you trying to meet? List all the payoffs and then the consequences. Ask yourself if it’s worth it. If it’s not, explore all the ways you can shift back into your power.

Imagine what your life will be like as you fully own your power. Imagine the ripple effect this will have on your family, friends and community. Do what you can today, to stop giving your power away and start owning it for yourself.

What supports you to own your power? Please share your insights below in the reply section.

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