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Bring More Play into Your Life

 Don’t wait for play to find you – find ways to bring more play into your life each day. When is the last time you played? Really had fun enjoying life, being silly, or even breaking into fits of belly … Continue reading

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Empowering Ways to Help a Friend Deal with a Crisis

Empowerment, clarity, and balance are required when helping a friend deal with a crisis. Your close friend is going through a crisis. If she’s centered and grounded, no problem, she will be able to handle the situation with minimal support. … Continue reading

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How to Stay Positive During a Family Crisis

In order to stay positive during a family crisis, own your power, stay amused and trust yourself. Staying positive during a family crisis isn’t easy when each family member has a different coping mechanism. Some people step into their power … Continue reading

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How to Feel Comfortable on a First Date

To feel comfortable on a first date, be yourself; be centered within your own self-affinity, joy and amusement. Ah, the first date when tingles of excitement race through your body, palpitations flutter in your heart and questions flash through your … Continue reading

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