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Grieving the Loss of a Friendship

The loss of a friendship is a death which requires grieving. When a friendship ends, it brings up all the same emotions that take place during the grieving process. Understanding the different stages of grief can help us to find … Continue reading

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Letting Go of Drama Addiction

Create a peaceful life by letting go of drama. Drama addiction is widespread in modern culture; not just in television soap operas, but in many people’s daily lives. In order to let go of life drama, people need to first … Continue reading

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Let Go of the Past and Move Forward in Your Relationship

The only way to move forward in your relationship is to let go of the past. Past mistakes, dishonesty, and betrayal have a way of sticking around and blurring present interactions in a relationship. If you look at your partner … Continue reading

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Experience True Forgiveness – Forgive Yourself and Others

Experience true forgiveness and set yourself free. Imagine holding a ten pound weight for every resentment you hold, grudge you cling to and strong judgment you cast. How much weight would you be carrying? What stops you from putting this … Continue reading

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Surrender Your Fears and Doubts to Your Higher Self

Surrender your fears and doubts to your higher self and experience peace. Flowing into peaceful surrender, allowing its softness to gently envelope us, is much like sinking into the warm water of a bath; body aches and pains are soothed … Continue reading

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Dealing with Change by Releasing, Embracing and Trusting

Dealing with change involves releasing the past, embracing the present and trusting the future. Everything changes. Just as fall turns into winter and leaves turn from shades of green into yellow, crimson and brown, we too undergo our own seasons … Continue reading

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