Trusting Your Inner Guidance

Trust your inner guidance by trusting your highest self and the Source of all life.

A quiet confidence. An inner certainty. A knowing deep within that all is well even though it may not appear so on the outside. Trust demands that we let go of fears, worry, doubt and despair which drag us down. Trust lifts us up to higher elevations where we see the bigger picture in life and know that things are happening for a reason in their own time and for our own benefit.

When we settle into a space of trust we access our inner guidance system; we know what to do, when to do it and when to wait. We know that the ideal people and circumstances will serendipitously manifest into our lives. We may not trust everyone we meet or every situation we come across, but we trust our inner knowing. We listen to our intuitive voice that rests in stillness, guiding us to our highest path.

When we let our small self or ego mind run the show we override our inner knowing. We don’t trust it. It’s as if we’re saying to the Universe: I know how to manage the earth, the sun, and all the planets in the cosmos. We forget that there is a Universal intelligence, God, Creator, Source or whatever you call that divine essence guiding everything from the plants to the planets, including us, if we will allow ourselves to trust. It’s a matter of releasing resistance and letting the stream of life flow through us.

Insights into Your Level of Trust

Ask yourself the following three questions as a way to gain insights into your trust levels.

1. On a scale of one to ten, with ten being high, what would you rate your current level of trust (in terms of trusting how your life will unfold)?

2. What supports you to tune into your intuition and inner knowing, and to increase your level of trust?

3. What gets in the way of you accessing your inner knowing and being more trusting?

How to Trust Your Inner Guidance

Try the following three suggestions as a way to increase your trust in yourself and life.

1. Close your eyes and become fully present and centered by brining all of your awareness into the center of your head, a few inches back from your forehead. Rest in this place until you sense an inner stillness and expansiveness. From this centered space, tune into your essence of trust. Feel the energy of it and allow it to expand, filling your whole body. Release any resistance or holding on sensations and allow the trusting feeling to blanket you in safety.

2. Each and every day, set your intention to increase your levels of inner trust by taking time to be still and feel it. Know that you don’t have to control every aspect of your life; the divine essence of the Universe is there to guide and take care of you. When you forget this, ask yourself what supports the earth and the other planets to orbit perfectly? What allows the plants to grow and blossom?

3. The next time you have a difficult decision to make or you’re concerned about the future, rather than get lost in worry or doubt, or immediately following the lead of your practical, logical mind, take a moment to center within and access your inner trust. Ask your inner guidance which is the best path to follow.

Do you have any questions or comments on trusting your inner guidance? Please share below.

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  1. I am trying to tap into my spiritual side. Trying to learn how to remove this inner block that is blocking me from connecting and knowing my spirit guide. I need help with letting go of my past hurts and sufferings. To let go of my traumatic experiences and abuse through out my life

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