Energy Balancing Tools

Balance your energy, find inner peace, and create healthy boundaries with the Energy Balancing Tools program.

In todays fast paced, evolving world it’s easy to get knocked off balance, feel stressed and overwhelmed, and take on other people’s energy, emotions and problems. With energy awareness, you can be in the present moment, manage your energy, and easily release what’s not yours.

In this experiential course you will be guided through the following processes:

Centering ~ Finding inner stillness so you can go through your day aware of yourself as a spiritual being, bigger than your thoughts and reactions, and maintain a sense of peace and calm no matter what takes place around you.

Grounding ~ Creating an energy connection between your body and the earth so you can be more present in your body, have an appropriate amount of energy, and easily release emotions, problems and other people’s energy.

Aura Boundaries ~ Being aware of your personal space and owning your aura (the electromagnetic field of energy surrounding your body) so you can create healthy boundaries, keep your energy within your space, and keep other people’s problems and emotions out of your personal space.

Reclaiming Your Energy ~ Easily and quickly calling back all of your energy from people, projects and places so you can be replenished and re-energized during the day.

Energy Cleanse ~ Using a high vibration to energetically cleanse your aura and body, clear your space of foreign energy, and feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

The Energy Balancing Tools program includes the 5 sessions listed above plus an introduction and conclusion. It is slighty over an hour long, but you may want to take additional time in between sessions to fully integrate each experience. Implementing these tools and ways of being into your life will support you to feel peaceful, balanced, and in charge of your energy. Give yourself the gift of empowerment!

Available in an easy to download audio MP3 format

 “This audio course is filled with practical tools and resources that you can do anywhere, any time in this 24/7 world. The work I do involves giving which I love but I tend to give to others at the expense of my own needs which can quickly leave me depleted. I have learned that I have even more to give when I take time to look after myself. I highly recommend these survival skills to take back your energy so you can create a new standard for living.” ~ Andrea Jones, executive director, Love Trees

The Energy Balancing Tools program is on sale for $24 (Regularly $36)

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Please note: These Spiritual Energy Awareness audio courses offer powerful tools for transforming energy, but are not intended to replace medical care. If you have any physical or mental health issues, please consult an appropriate health care professional.
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