6th Chakra and Clairvoyance – How to Read Energy and See Clearly

The 6th chakra is for clairvoyance – the ability to read energy and see clearly.

When I was young, I thought clairvoyants had some special power for reading the future. I figured they had a third eye which no one else possessed. It wasn’t until I began taking spiritual awareness courses, which included aura and energy reading, that I discovered we all have the ability of clear seeing using our sixth chakra.

More importantly, I discovered what clairvoyance really is. It’s not about psychically reading the future, although that is how some use it. It’s about seeing life through your spiritual eyes instead of your intellect, emotions, beliefs, and past programming and conditioning.

It’s extremely empowering to be able to read energy and see past surface appearances, beyond reactivity, and into the reality of any situation. Your self-awareness is enhanced, allowing you to heal old wounds, release the past, and move forward with a clean slate. You see the true energy dynamics within relationships, between groups, and behind unhealthy patterns.

To open your third eye or sixth chakra, enhance your clear seeing, and read energy, try the following.

Center within your sixth chakra. Many people often look at people and situations through their analyzer, or their heart chakra, or some other area in their body or energy system. This distorts reality. The intellect or analyzer is great for gathering data, doing research and organizing details into categories, but it can’t see past any of this. The heart chakra is a wonderful place to connect with people, but if you have any heartache or love wounds, this will filter what you see.

The clearest place to see reality is from your spiritual self and your sixth chakra. From this perspective you can see beyond duality and into the wholeness of any person or situation. Bring your awareness into the center of your head, back a few inches from your forehead. This is the place people often settle into during meditation. Notice the stillness and calmness here (just for fun, move into your forehead and notice what that feels like in comparison, then re-center). Look at yourself and your life from this centered space as a way to enhance self-awareness and gain clarity.

Read the energy within yourself. Clairvoyance is a wonderful tool to use to enhance your self-awareness and spiritual growth. Experiment with the following. Close your eyes and center within your sixth chakra. Become aware of yourself as a spiritual being in a human body. Say hello to yourself and then to your body. Now create an image of a rose out in front of you and let the blossom be filled with the energy of your current life theme (your current lesson, growth, or life experience).

See the shape and color of the rose and then look at the energy. Without thinking about it (stay out of your analyzer and trust yourself with what you see), just look at the tone, mood or message. It might be a feeling or a simple word that arises for you. Let go of the image of the rose and open your eyes again.

Read the energy of a situation. Within each person, situation, relationship, home, business and so on is energy. As you learn to read energy, you will see reality clearly. You can use the image of a rose (or any other object for that matter, but roses hold a high clean vibration to view energy within) to look at the energy of anything. For example, if you want to look at your relationship agreement with someone, intend for the rose to hold that energy. Using your spiritual eyes (not your analyzer), look at the essence of the rose and notice what feelings or images or words pop up for you that represent the contract or agreements in your relationship.

This gives you a quick jump start into using your clairvoyance for clear seeing and energy reading. Be patient and trust yourself as you play with it. One word of caution around reading other people and reading the future. When reading other people’s energy, or looking at energy dynamics for them, it’s important to own your space, have healthy energy boundaries, and know how to release people’s energy from your space.

When reading the future, I suggest only reading your very next step as a way to validate your personal and spiritual growth. If you try to read any further into the future, you may get stuck believing this is your only option. We are continually changing (especially those on a conscious spiritual awakening journey) so there are many potentials and possibilities available to us. Trust yourself in the moment to choose what is best for you.

Do you have any questions or experiences to share on how to read energy using your sixth chakra and clairvoyance? Please share in the comment section.

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Dear Readers,

As much as I love to connect with you in the comment section, I am not able to be on the computer much these days due to the intensity of my current ascension symptoms, so I won't be able to respond to comments very often.

I encourage you though, to use the comment section as a place to share your experience, read about others' and to respond to and support each other on your journey.





  1. chantal beaupre says:

    Hi my name is Chantal. I want to ask a question about a experience a had this week. This I started to check websit about chakras and aura because my back
    was soar and I tought it s likes if it would be at a exact place of a chakra and I checked and it was that. But I don t know much about these things, but because
    I read about that on the net, the night after I went to sleep and in my light sleep,
    in my head I saw at the top above my head the layers of my aura and these were
    all me! but me that I don t know!!! I was very afraid and I wonder if this was real,
    and if yes, was I suppose to see that? Is it the way you see your aura? because I don t feel ready to see this at all…! thank you for the answer(in advance)I need it! :)

  2. Gini Grey says:

    Hello Chantal,

    We connected on my Insights & Inspiration site recently – nice to see you hear visiting Spiritual Transformers!

    I think that’s pretty neat that you saw the layers of your aura above your head as you were in a light sleep. Being in that in-between state of awake and sleep probably allowed you to relax your analyzer (the thinking mind) enough to see with your spiritual eyes.

    Some people are able to see their own and other people’s aura in a natural state with their eyes open. For me, I have to close my eyes, get out of my analzyer (I do this by bringing my awareness into the center of my head) and I look with my spiritual eyes so to speak (we are all spiritual beings in these bodies of ours but we forget and think we are the body or the thinking mind).

    We have 7 layers to our aura (corresponding to the 7 major chakras in the body) which flow around our body. Each layer may be a different color and the colors change as we shift our mood, thoughts, beliefs etc. Each layer contains information related to the chakra it correlates to. For example, if I was reading my or someone else’s aura, I would look at the color and then the energy in the color (the color itself isn’t as important as the energy vibration within it). From there I tune into the information. So let’s say I was looking at the first layer of someone’s aura – I would see their beliefs and information around survival in a body, finances etc.(which relate to the first chakra). I would see what is their true information as well as what isn’t there’s (family or societial beliefs in their space).

    I think that’s fine that you can see your aura – it’s probably a sign that you are opening up more to your spiritual awareness of yourself – getting to know who you are beyond your mind and body. If it happens again, just relax and tune into the energy you are looking at as a way to know yourself better.

    Take care,


  3. Bertha says:

    Hi Gini
    What a generous site. So much wisdom. I have been on a rollercoaster the past 3 years when O came back from a blissful trip to Brazil. It was like Icarus falling to earth. Nothing held the same sense of connection as I had changed. All sorts of negative emotions surfaced towards those around me. These emotions were previously internalized. I made a decision to accept all this and try to reconnect to the life I built here from this new place that I don’t quite understand. I am studying Qi Gong and areas of my body are opening up. It has always been huge energy that I deal with and I get fatigued. This past winter I lived with chronic pain of nausea and headaches. I am proud to have maintained my intention and continue practicing through all that. I am recording my first commercial CD after years of performing and teaching. Right now my throat closes and my neck is sore where the tendons attach to the neck as my belly is opening up for the first time in my life. It is my intention to sing my voice into this new physical vibration.Intimate relationships are confusing. I love someone deeply but my body is closed to him. The relationship is evolving and deepening.I know this is alot of information it seems like duality but I don’t think it is. I have a real gift to move people with my voice and poetry yet singing has often been painful . Any insights on clearing the path?

  4. Gini Grey says:

    Hello Bertha,

    So many of us are going through these challenging times with our energy, body, relationships and so on. It’s all a part of the purging, restructuring and reowning who we really are – these powerful spiritual beings.

    For me, I’ve been dealing with back issues which relate to my need to fully own my power and feel that my needs are being taken care of. At times, I have also experienced a blockage in my throat when I go to create a video or audio program. For me it’s been about stepping up to speak my higher truth but some of the old fears (most likely past life-time around being persecuted or killed for speaking higher truths) light up. This is a great opportunity to see the lies in your space, and touch into your bigger truth as a way to release.

    My suggestion would be the next time you feel the blockage in your 5th throat chakra is to sit and meditate on it. Feel into and listen or see or sense the message/information. Notice if it true or false. Specifically ask to see the lie and sense/see/know that. Then intend to see the truth and feel/see/sense into that. If that doesn’t release it, ask yourself what the payoff is for having the block there (it may be to feel safe or fear of something) and again, notice the false and truth of that until it becomes clear to you on a mind/body and soul level that you are safe. On a soul level you know you are, but if the mind and body aren’t in alignment it will create a struggle so it helps to touch into the truth, feel it on an energetic level and have the body match that.

    I hope this helps,


  5. yac says:

    Hello , I was wondering how can I release the energy after reading through someone or some situation that doesn’t feel right ? or how can I prevent the other party from any ill thought or harm that they have towards me ? also I guess there i another way to its through eyes and ears , how does that one work ?
    how can I read through people inner most thought or intention ?

  6. Gini Grey says:

    Hello Yac,

    The best way to protect yourself is to own your own space – be in your body, be in a state of non-resistance, and own your aura (go to http://www.ginigrey.com/wp and read articles under the sidebar heading “Spiritual Insights” as I give some how-to tips there). Releasing people’s energy that you have taken on is as simple as choosing to release it and let it go out of your space with ease.

    If your vibration is in a place of light, ease, love etc. then nothing lower than that can stick in your space. We tend to take on other people’s energy and problems if we go into resistance, drop into sympathy (instead of compassion), or have a matching issue we are unaware of (so then we just need to bring our awareness to it and release it).

    I also have some audio courses at http://www.ginigrey.com/spiritualenergy that teach how to clear your space etc. if you’re interested.

    Reading people’s inner most thoughts or intentions comes from reading their energy and/or trusting your higher wisdom and intuition. It isn’t something you do with your mental mind, but as you center within your spiritual self you can see/sense/know their intentions. I wrote an article on using your 6th chakra for clairvoyance on this site – just type that into the search box and it will come up on the list.

    Take care,


  7. Gini Grey says:

    Ha ha, Yac – just realized the article you were commenting on was on the 6th chakra so ignore my last suggestion and just practice trusting your insight.

  8. Mechelle says:

    Hello Gini, I have a fertility issue that has been a problem for many years, and this is extremely hard for me to cope with. One day I walked in a mall I noticed a sign on a shop advertising a psychic and without any thought or hesitation I found myself inside making enquiries. The gentleman who gave me the reading was not busy at the time and was standing near the counter when I walked in. At the beginning of the reading he needed me to hold a egg shaped quarts crystal because of my energies we too much for him, I’m guessing he meant negative. He explained when I first walked in to the shop he could see this red energy in my stomach/womb area. The reading was intense but when I left I had a better understanding of my thought patterns and holding on to the past as I had a miscarriage. The reading was helpful and I set off to change my outlook/thoughts. I returned after a couple of months to thank him and I requested another reading. This time I did not need to hold the crystal and the reading flowed easily, it was like he was in my head or had been living with me for the last two months. I am grateful for these experiences but am now curious as how I can continue to better my self and to keep on track. I feel good but fertility is still an issue in my life and I wonder from time to time if other people can see a red energy in this area or has this gone completely now? Hope you are able to help. I appreciate any advise/guidance you can offer. Thank you

  9. Gini Grey says:

    Hello Mechelle,

    While I’m not doing formal readings at this time, I did take a quick peak into your womb area and while I didn’t see red, I did see some dark energy which looked like invalidating judgment. I know how helpful it can be to have someone do a reading for you, but I find it even more empowering when you look at it on your own as we each have our own information and can access so much through looking at the energy in our own space or even getting a dialogue going with the body. So play with that. Place a hand over your womb and feel into it, ask it what’s going on. Touch into your true essence there and then explore the foreign energy. You could also imagine an image of your body out in front of you and look at the womb area and see what you notice. Look past the physical colors etc. and sense the tone, mood, message their.

    If you see anything that is not you, just move it out, or replace it with gold energy. The more you own that area, the less it will be vulnerable to foreign energy.

    All the best with it,


  10. Sue says:

    I just closed my eyes and visualised a red rose for the first time.

    It started off more like a poppy, appearing, disappearing and finally became a large beautiful deep red rose.

    However: I did not keep my eyes closed for too long, I could feel my eyes lids closing tighter as the rose grow in size and the colour intensified.

    I assume this is a good thing?

    Kind Regards


  11. Gini Grey says:

    Hello Susie,

    When reading energy through roses, there really are no good or bad ways to do it. Perhaps your body and mind were a bit overwhelmed by what you saw. As you practice it, it will become easier to do. And letting go of focusing on the rose image, but tuning into the energy (the mood, tone, and any messages or other images that appear for you) is what reveals the information and truth of the situation (or whatever it is you have intended the rose to show you).

    Take care,


  12. V says:


    i hope you can help. i’ve had dreams which have been prophetic and suffer from high pitched sounds in my ears. usually if i can focus on the sounds i’ll see images that lead to images i’ll see in the future. with the dreams it’s like the dreaming will have a glimpse of the future mixed in with my natural state of dream i.e. my ex was cheating on me and i saw it happening in a dream but the people who were warning me in my dream were also doing weird dream things.
    i’ve recently had the same sort of experience where the people in my dream are telling me the child he had as a result of that affair isn’t his, but i just wonder if it’s me obsessing?? i hope not…
    any way, i just need help tapping into my abilities. if any one could talk to me about how i should be “training” myself or how to focus my gifts that’d be very much appreciated

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