Balance Your Divine Feminine and Masculine Energy

When the divine feminine blends with the masculine we come into balance.

There’s been a pleasant shift on the planet lately with the increase of feminine energy to balance the masculine energy that has been dominant for so many centuries. As we evolve in consciousness it’s necessary to transcend the duality of male and female and honor our spiritual wholeness within.

We may have separate bodies – either male or female – but within and beyond we are potent spiritual beings. As we balance our yin and yang energies we come into balance and so does the planet. For too long, judgment has been cast upon men and women for their gender. On one extreme, women have been viewed as the weaker sex; powerless and passive. Men have been viewed as strong and powerful; controlling those less able. On the other extreme, women who own their power have been described as seducers, tricksters, bitches and whores. Men have been deemed aggressive, overbearing, insensitive and ignorant.

Women and men who embody their feminine and masculine energy are strong, wise, loving, creative human beings. They appreciate the active yang energy of taking action and setting boundaries when needed, while honoring the nurturing yin energy of stillness and gentleness. If you would like to balance your divine feminine and masculine energy, try the following exercises.

Release Judgments about Male and Female

Whether you are a man or a woman you most likely harbor hidden resentments and judgments about both sexes. The best way to unearth these is through the following awareness exercise.

~ Take a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle. On the left side at the top write, “Women are…” On the right side at the top write, “Men are …”

~ Start with one side and without thinking about it, finish the sentence by writing down as many things that come to mind. Don’t screen or edit, just write until there’s nothing left to say. You will probably end up with a combination of positive, negative and neutral statements.

~ Reflect over what you wrote and feel any emotions attached to your thoughts. Where do the positive and negative judgments come from?

~ Play with the other side of the sheet now by completing it in the same way.

~ Reflect over your judgments, emotions and the source of these as well.

As you bring awareness to your judgments about males and females you will be able to shine a light of truth on them and release what is false. Whatever you judge in others is a hidden judgment of yourself. If you judge males or females in a negative light, you will shut off this aspect or over amplify it within yourself. Where do you shut down feminine or masculine energies within yourself? Where do you over amplify them?

Balance Your Male and Female Energy

One way to neutralize judgments about men and women is to search for healthy role models. These may be in your life right now, in the media, or you may have to research history to find them. If you still can’t find anyone appropriate, imagine the qualities of a balanced woman and a balanced man.

Another way to balance your feminine and masculine aspects is to embody the qualities you notice are missing, and tone down the ones that are overdone. For example, if you tend to be over active, always on the go, doing, doing, doing, you most likely have a lot of masculine yang energy. To balance this, practice slowing down. Take time to meditate or pray each day. Go for slow walks out in nature or do a relaxing form of yoga. Get out of your head and experience the benefits of simply being without any agenda or need to accomplish.

If you tend to be nurturing, agreeable and playing the ‘nice’ role meeting everyone else’s needs but your own, you may have an adequate amount of female yin energy but could use a dose of male, yang energy. Initiate a project just for yourself. Try warrior yoga poses. Set healthy boundaries by saying “No” at least once a week.

Activate Your Yin and Yang Energy

Here is a spiritual energy exercise to use as a way to activate your flow of yin and yang, female and male energy, and bring them into balance.

~ Sit with your eyes closed, centered within your spiritual self. Take a few deep breaths and allow your body to relax.

~ Use your intention to activate the flow of male yang energy. Turn up the volume of it and feel it flow through your whole body. It may help to activate it first on the right side of your body and then spread it to the left side.

~ Notice the quality of this energy. How would you describe it? Is it all yours or do you have other male energy in your space? As you sit with your own male energy flowing, any foreign energy will release over time. Stay with this until you feel complete.

~ Now activate the flow of your female yin energy. Turn up the volume and power of this, allowing it to push out any male energy so you can tune into the pure vibration of female energy within.

~ Notice the quality of this energy. How would you describe it? Is it all yours or do you have other female energy in your space? Are there any “no” messages to having this flowing? As you sit with your own female energy flowing, any foreign energy will release over time. Stay with this until you feel complete.

~ Bring back the flow of masculine energy and allow it to blend with the feminine energy. Release any messages that say it’s not okay to blend the two. Notice how it feels to have them balanced.

Doing this exercise regularly will help you to release foreign energy and balance your own male and female energy. Some days you might notice you want more yin, while other days it would be appropriate to have more yang. Trust yourself for what you need in any given moment.

Do you have any comments or insights to share on balancing your divine feminine and masculine energy? Please comment below so we can all benefit.

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Dear Readers,

As much as I love to connect with you in the comment section, I am not able to be on the computer much these days due to the intensity of my current ascension symptoms, so I won't be able to respond to comments very often.

I encourage you though, to use the comment section as a place to share your experience, read about others' and to respond to and support each other on your journey.





  1. curiousnature says:

    Is masculine energy typically right=side oriented?
    My reason to ask is because of the longing I feel on the right side of my heart area when I am missing my boyfriend. I think we are in sync, most of the time but I have not been able to figure out why the pulling is on the right when the left is usually noted for heart felt love and … when we are face to face… the longing subsides replaced with joy.
    feelings of being complete. Since we met, there are lots of perplexing things actually… a natural chemistry, attraction, desire, love between us..

  2. Gini Grey says:

    Hello Curious Nature,

    Yes, masculine energy is typically right side oriented in the body and femine left side. For me, when I am over ‘doing’ it with too much action and not enough being and nurturing, my right hip becomes sore and out of alignment. Yet I think we are moving into the time of balancing these energies so they can flow evenly together in unity through our bodies (but we may need to consciously direct this flow to begin with).

    That’s interesting that you notice the right side of your heart area feeling a longing. It may or may not be a masculine energy apsect in the heart, but perhaps just that indication that you don’t feel whole unless you are with your partner. There is that longing to merge the masculine and feminine through opposite sex partnerships, but again, I’m leaning towards fulfilling that within ourselves otherwise we end up creating codependant relationships.

    Something to explore within yourself could be to feel into the longing of the right area of your heart and sense the messages or what your heart wants to fill with. It may be the fullness of love and connection you experience with your partner, but perhaps your heart also wants to feel that with yourself connecting to your higher self or the god of your heart etc.

    Tune into what it is you feel when with your partner (that sense of love, joy, completeness) and then give that energy vibration to yourself and let it fill your whole heart and notice if the longing subsides. This may allow you to open your heart even further to your partner as there will be no fear of loss when he’s not around as you will know you are complete with or without him.

    I’m curious to hear how this goes so if you feel inspired to comment back here after you explore this, please do.

    Take care,


  3. HI Gini!

    I would love to talk with you about doing an interview on this topic.
    Could you be available tomorrow at 5p pacific for a radio interview?

    The Radio show is the Joy Hour on Living Empowered Blog Talk – or me at

    You’re about to engage in massive joy!
    Talk with you soon!


  4. Gini Grey says:

    Hello Cynthia,

    I’m just seeing your comment and invitation right now – a couple of days too late for the interview. I’ve been in a sort of spiritual retreat (my own inner transformational journey) during these western winter months so I haven’t been working or writing and only checking comments and emails once or twice a week.

    I’d love to do an interview on this topic some time as I feel it is an important aspect of transformation, but I am still in this inward cocoon place and don’t feel energetically up to expanding myself out on the internet radio just yet. If this still interests you in spring, please let me know, or I’ll contact you once I’ve transformed into my butterfly state again.

    Take care,


  5. Johanna says:

    I ended up on this page since I realized the muscle stuck on the left side of my back might have something to do with having blocked energy on that side. It started to get stiff while I was breaking up with my long term boyfriend about one and a half year ago. A couple of days ago I noticed that while standing straight my upper body wanted to shift to the right, moving itself to the right if I relaxed my body, quite alot to the right. I tried meditating to connect with my right and left side just a couple of hours ago and amazingly so my body started to respond, shifting to the left and right as i put my concentration there. I started to cry a little on the left side but also to relax, something I’ve had difficulties with for a long time (sleep problems etc). After doing this for a while I lay down on the bed and tried to be “whole” then I experienced alot of different energies going through my body, first making me feel happy and smiling and then gathering to a pretty strong contraction in my lower belly area. The rest of my body would be relaxed but the belly muscels making it arch down and up as they contracted. This happend several times until it faded away. Now I feel tired and relaxed and a little amazed, what just happend?

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