Clear the Root Chakra to Heal Money and Survival Issues

As you clear and own your root chakra you will thrive instead of survive.

The first chakra deals with survival in a body; all the information on safety and security including finances and physical survival are stored here. Somewhere along the way in physical form we were programmed with messages about the need to ‘survive’ instead of trusting our innate ability to ‘thrive’. We believed we have to work hard and struggle in order to endure on this planet.

Fortunately, we have evolved beyond these limiting beliefs. The only thing keeping them in place is our unconscious agreement with them. All we need to do is bring awareness to the messages, lies and invalidation in our root chakra and choose to release them. We are powerful spiritual beings, connected directly to the Source of all life – why would we have any money problems or survival issues unless we agreed to them on some level.

If you want to heal your money issues, or any physical issues related to the first chakra such as lower digestion or colon problems, try the following spiritual energy exercise.

Clear, Heal and Own Your Root Chakra

Put aside some time to sit quietly in meditation and bring awareness to the following questions and energy exercises.

Become aware of your first chakra. The first or root chakra is located between the ovaries in a female body and lower down, closer to the prostate, in a male body. It’s a cylinder of energy that flows from front to back (while spinning at the same time) and releases down your grounding. With your eyes closed, center within your spiritual self and tune into your first chakra. You may feel physical sensations in this part of your body, or if you are sensitive to energy, you might see or sense if your chakra is flowing smoothly or not. Just be aware and say hello to this part of your energy system.

Who owns your first chakra? Bring awareness into the center of your head (a few inches back from your forehead, centered in your 6th chakra of clairvoyance or clear seeing). Simply ask the question, “who owns my first/root chakra” and notice what response or image comes up for you. You might see an image of someone’s face such as your mother, father, spouse etc. We often match or take on money and survival information from our parents or someone close to us.

What is the information? Tune into the messages and beliefs you have matched or taken on around money and survival issues. What are the limiting beliefs? What are the supportive beliefs? Stay in a neutral (and amused if possible) space as you look at all the information stored in your root chakra.

Clear the root chakra. If you are ready and it feels appropriate, start to release the misinformation from this energy center. This is done with ease and intention, not effort or struggle (as this will only create resistance; what we resist, persists). All of the information, limiting beliefs and invalidation are forms of energy which can easily be released by you as a spiritual being (not your intellectual mind or body). Simply have the intent to release energy that is not your highest truth, or if it helps, visualize letting it go (listen to the short audio visualization meditation at the end of this article). Keep more than 50% of your awareness on you as a spiritual being as you release the energy that is not you. Allow your energy to flow freely through your chakra.

Own your first chakra. As you release foreign energy and information from your energy center, you create space for you and your truth. Say hello to your own information and highest truth about living and thriving in a physical body, manifesting money, and creating abundance in your life. Send the vibration of love and joy to this chakra every day as a way to clear and own it.

Listen to this short guided meditation on how to Clear and Own Your First Chakra.

Do you have any questions, comments or insights about how to clear the root chakra in order to heal money and survival issues? Please share below.

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  1. Flora says:

    I literary feel the block in my Root Chakra; I do not see any money coming to my path. This is a very disappointing feeling after all the hard study and Master’s degree and all the books I read and all the cds I listen and articles I study. Please help me.

  2. Gini Grey says:

    Hello Flora,

    That must be frustrating to not experience a shift after spending time studying etc. in this area. Every block is based in energy so I often like to go right to the energy/vibration of what the block is. Did you try listening to the short audio in the article on clearing the first chakra? While it’s only 2 min long it will help you to touch into how to do that.

    There’s another audio on abundance at the end of this article: which you might find helpful as well.

    I find that in order to release a block I need to get neutral with it and bigger than it (rather in resistance, struggling, etc.). Try spending some time in meditation, going into your first chakra and just notice what is there. Put more focus on your pure energy flow than on the block, but do notice foreign energy and get a sense if it’s from family, socieity, past life etc. Say hello to what you see and gently release it (you may need to process emotions to release the charge or painful memories first). You are so much bigger than any blocks in your space so perhaps this is happening to support you in owning your power.

    Another thing to focus on is abundance. When we touch into this vibration and stay in it on an ongoing basis, anything that doesn’t match it will eventually rise up and leave. I have an audio course on this. You may not want to invest more time and money on this topic, but if you do, here’s the link:

    Trust is another big issue – on a soul level our spirit knows what it is doing and sometimes we go through money issues as a way to develop trust in our higher selves and the universe – so trust your intuition on what this is all about for you.

    Take care,


  3. Daniel says:

    Thank you, Gini, much appreciated.

    Kind regards,


  4. Vicky says:

    Hi Gini,
    I could feel the negativity pulsing out of me, it was quite overwhelming. My breathing became faster and my muscles tense. I was starting to feel out of control, was able to recenter with filling up with positive statements of having abundance, physical safety, and claiming my home and work space as a safe haven.
    All of the following was expelled:
    I had always been financially challenged and was raised in a poor family. I also never had my own room and my stuff was stolen by my siblings. My parents didn’t protect me physically from abusive uncles, and I was slapped and spanked and yelled at throughout my childhood. My relationships with men have all been abusive, either physically or emotionally. I was walking around with a fortress around me, trying to keep myself safe.
    Thank you for this simple yet powerful tool you have given me.

  5. Gini Grey says:

    Hello Vicky,

    It sounds like you have had a very challening childhood, yet here you are moving through it and releasing the negative energy out of you – that is so wonderful! I’m glad I was able to offer a tool to support your process.

    Take care,


  6. GYVANIA says:

    Hi there,
    I was just wondering whether I should use the rose for the second chakra too?

    Kind regards

  7. Gini Grey says:

    Hello Gyvania,

    Yes, absolutely, use a rose image for releasing from the second chakra as well. I’ve written articles on each of the chakras but I may not have mentioned the same process, but I find that the visual energetic image of a rose is a great tool to use for releasing from anywhere in the body/energy system.

    Take care,


  8. Bertrand S says:

    Thank you for this article, I felt a release of energy from my Root Chakra.
    here is what i did, I closed my eyes, and visualized my Root Chakra spinning, then I repeat the following mentally ” I am a powerful spiritual being, I am the creator of my reality”
    you have to say with authority, you must believe it, for you are in fact a powerful being.

  9. Thank you for this great article. I am currently doing Belinda Davidson’s School of the Modern Mystic which involves a daily chakra cleanse meditation. We are currently focusing on Chakra 2 but I feel that Chakra 1 is still very blocked.

    I too grew up in a poor abusive home. We never had money, we moved often, I went to 7 schools, I was abused by my great grandfather, father and bullied at school and my mother was so naive that I learned to fend for myself. I am strong willed and domineering, in fact my current occupation is as a dominatrix altho I am training to be a health coach.

    I feel I need to do more work on Chakra 1 as I am just tired of struggling financially and feeling resentment that I never lived up to my potential that I have always been aware of but never knew how to harness. I have suffered self sabotage my entire life which has caused me great regret. I could have been so much more than I ended up being.

    I seem to be both overly confidant and suffering from low self esteem and I am now learning that these are all issues of Chakra 1 and 2. Thank you for your easy guide on how to work with, release and balance my survival chakra, I hope I can move forward to a more successful, stable and abundant life now.

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