Create and Manifest Your Life with Spiritual Ease

Life is meant to be easy, joyful and abundant, not hard and difficult.

You can create and manifest your life with spiritual ease or from a place of hard work and effort; the choice is yours. Many of us were raised with the hard work ethic, believing that if we work hard enough and sweat long enough, we will reap the rewards (if not in this lifetime, at least in heaven).

This old paradigm worked in previous centuries for the masses, but at what cost? Today we know that it costs us our energy, free time, passion and purpose. The hard work model of trying to get ahead interferes with relationships and causes people to compromise their integrity.

As consciousness evolves and more of us spiritually awaken, we can’t continue with this old belief system. If we do it will knock us down and drag us through the mud. What we worked so hard to achieve will come crumbling down if we don’t let go of old ways of manifesting.

When we let go of resistance and move into the flow of life, we naturally create with ease and not effort. Viewing life from our spiritual eyes instead of our intellect or ego supports us to see how simple life really is; how energy, as the source of everything, is easy to shift and shape into what we want. No effort is required. All we need is our conscious intent and a trusting heart.

Choosing What to Create

The first step in manifesting with spiritual ease involves choosing what to create from a place of spirit. If we choose through our intellect alone, or from a place of fear or doubt, or should or have-to, we risk heading down a treacherous path. One filled with challenges and obstacles. We end up learning through trial and error, instead of synchronicity and serendipity.

When we take the time to turn inward and enter a space of silence and stillness we hear our inner voice. We see through our spiritual eyes. We feel with our heart and soul, what we truly want. All we need is to sink into our soul and listen, see and feel for the truth. Our intuition and higher knowing are always there to guide us.

Knowing How to Manifest

If we rely solely on the mind and body to create our life, we take the slow, hard route. It’s akin to a caterpillar needing all its legs to move forward in life. Operating from our higher self, we transform into butterflies, floating freely from flower to flower.

Spiritual ease is light and effortless. A pure intention to attract or manifest something leads to the best resources, situation, or person showing up at exactly the right time. There’s no need to search, dig or push for anything; we only need to ask for what we want and trust in the abundance of the Universe. If effort or resistance arises, it’s often the Universe saying, “This path isn’t for you, there’s something much better out there.”

When we surrender our ego and step into our soul, it becomes easier to let go of hard work paradigms and limiting belief systems. These are replaced with faith and trust. Faith that God, the Creator, or Source of all life is taking care of us. And trust that our higher self is manifesting the best life possible. From there, the miracles and magic take over.

For more information, including a short video clip on manifesting and a guided meditation audio clip on envisioning your goals, visit the Creating & Manifesting page of my main website.

What supports you to create and manifest your life with spiritual ease? I’d love to hear examples and stories, please share below.

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