Discover Your Higher Purpose and Mission in Life

Your higher purpose is within you, waiting to be shared with the world.

Are you aware of your mission in life; the reason you are here on the planet at this time? As you discover your higher purpose, your life takes on more meaning, more depth. It may not be a grand mission, but a humble one. It may not be your career, but what you bring to it. Whatever it is, it’s embedded in everything you do.

I was once guided through a spiritual awareness exercise where I left my body and went out to the cosmos. Staring back at earth I was asked what my purpose was for being on the planet at this time. ‘Being conscious’ is what arose. When I returned to my body, my mind extended this to helping others to become conscious. It makes so much sense; as I become more conscious, I help others to do the same. As I help others to spiritually awaken, I become more conscious. It’s a perfect dance.

We are all connected through the same Source of life, so whatever we do for ourselves, we do for others. When I remember to shine my light of conscious love on others, I create a space for them to do the same. For me, this not only involves writing articles on this topic, but includes owning my issues, healing my wounds, and coming from a place of love and awareness when I interact with others. It’s most challenging of course when I’m triggered by another’s behavior. But if I can stop for a second and re-tune to my higher purpose of love and consciousness, I can bring a ray of that into my interaction.

So what is your higher purpose, your mission in life? Here are some tools for discovering it.

Share your message. Imagine there is an audience in front of you, waiting for you to deliver an important message. What message does your heart want to share? What inspiration does your soul want to give? Imagine sharing this message. What is the essence of it? Is it about loving one another, being kind and compassionate, following your dreams, staying light and amused, embracing freedom? Within this message is a key to your mission in life.

Imagine God’s mission for you. If God, Creator, Source of all life had a mission for you, what would it be? Connect to the God of your heart through prayer or meditation and listen for guidance. This is how I added ‘sharing love’ to my higher purpose. I knew being conscious was imperative, but when I heard Source tell me to love myself and everyone else, no matter what, I knew this was an important part of this lifetime’s mission.

Relflect on your ideal dream job. If money, time, resources, skills and talent weren’t an issue, what would you love to do (you may already be doing it)? It may not be a career, but a hobby or an experience. Look within that for your higher purpose. For example, if singing is your dream, why is that? Is it to express your self, to share a message, to move people to deeper emotions? Find the nugget of gold and explore ways to share it with others.

Follow your purpose. How can you share your purpose with others? It may not be through a career, but you can share it at work, home and in your community. For example, if bringing humor to others is your mission, you don’t have to become a famous comedian to fulfill your purpose. You can be light and amused with everyone you encounter. Remember that as you embody the mood, tone, attitude, energy and vibration of your purpose, it adds to the state of consciousness on the planet.

Take some time right now to discover what your purpose and mission is in life. What does your intuition tell you? Then brainstorm a list of ways you can share this with the world. Even the smallest expression can make a big difference.

I’d love to hear what your higher purpose is. Please share this below, along with any ideas on how people can share their gifts with the world.

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Dear Readers,

As much as I love to connect with you in the comment section, I am not able to be on the computer much these days due to the intensity of my current ascension symptoms, so I won't be able to respond to comments very often.

I encourage you though, to use the comment section as a place to share your experience, read about others' and to respond to and support each other on your journey.





  1. Richard says:

    Your lovely 2nd paragraph reminds us of the highest calling; that of being conscious. So often we are conditioned to doing as connected to our purpose, not to mention the stuff we need. I am reminded of a talk Beckwith gives pointing out that our thinking can be on a default setting ‘what we need’. We liberate our consciousness to the degree that we can remain focused and appreciative of what we have. With practice and experience, we can learn to appreciate even the seemingly ‘bad’ things that happen and eventually experience gratitude for just ‘being’. I believe this ‘being conscious’ as purpose; the idea of residing in bare awareness is what resonates for me in your article.

  2. Shawn says:

    Let me start off by saying, great article. Gets your point out there very well.
    The last year, I have had this feeling that my higher purpose is to lead humanity to a better world. To get rid of money…to show love and the meaning of life. It all sounds crazy…but I just can’t shake that feeling or the thought. However hard I try to ignore it, it pops right back in my mind. So I think might go with it, just don’t know where to start..

  3. Gini Grey says:

    Ooh Shawn, that sounds like a wonderful higher purpose – not crazy at all (at least not to those of us on the spiritually awakening path). My suggestion is to not try to ignore it, but trust your intuitive hunches on what to do next and be open to opportunities, people etc. that will support you on your next steps along this path. The great thing is that you don’t need to know where to start or what to do – your intention and choice to follow this path will spark your higher self to lead you in the right direction.

    Enjoy the journey,


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