Handling the Shift into Higher Consciousness

We are evolving faster than we ever have before.

How are you handling the shift into higher consciousness? Are you riding the wave of consciousness like a confident surfer or are you being tossed about by huge surge of energy? If you’re like me, it’s a little of both.

Some days I move with the flow feeling peaceful and energized, other days I feel overwhelmed by the amount of energy around and within me, and then there are those days I feel tired and depleted from all the inner shifts taking place. And it doesn’t feel like common ascension symptoms; it’s much more intense lately.

I’ve noticed the intensity since we moved into a higher level of consciousness predicted by the Mayan Calendar prophecies. It began in March 2011 and continues to build. It feels as though we are constantly at a choice point. We can choose to view ourselves as separate or see we are interconnected; we can choose to live from the head or move into the heart; and we can choose to perceive life as a series of dichotomies or transcend duality and experience wholeness.

From my experience the first set of choices leads to effort, struggle and suffering, while the second set leads to peace, joy and love. But it’s challenging when we are still bombarded by mass consciousness programming and trying to deal with a shift in our reality at the same time.

How Our Reality is Shifting

As we move up into a higher level of consciousness we experience ourselves and the world differently. This is because we are letting go of old identities, roles and personas. When we release limiting beliefs and unhealthy patterns we don’t relate to people and situations in the same way. Relationships, jobs, and even where we live are all up for grabs. As well, our DNA is being rewired and all of our cells are becoming more crystalline, so it’s no wonder we feel like we are losing our minds (hopefully we are as I’m tired of mine dominating).

This can be a bit disconcerting to the mind and body who don’t like change. But as we increasingly operate from our heart and soul we see the bigger picture in life, we know we are divinely guided, and we delight in the pleasant surprises life brings.

Handling the Consciousness Shift

Dealing with the roller coaster ride of spiritual awakening requires huge doses of trust, which isn’t easy when you feel as though your world is turning sideways. When reality begins to morph there’s a tendency to hold on and try to control what’s happening, but this only makes the journey more uncomfortable.

Years ago I had a dream (one of those dreams which feels so real you know it is actually happening on another level) where I was catapulted from my bed up high into the sky. I was sucked up so fast it scared me so I struggled and squirmed trying to stop. A gentle voice said, “You are going one way or another. You can go the easy way or the hard way. You can resist and struggle or you can let go into the flow.” I stopped struggling and immediately began to float instead of zoom through the air – it was very peaceful.

When I awoke I knew this was an important message about going with the flow of life instead of resisting it. And now, this message is more important than ever. During these intense times of moving into higher consciousness, I find the following helps:

~ Be with the body. Rapid change can frighten our mind and body so we need to reassure our body that it won’t disintegrate as we shift into a higher vibration of light. Deep breathing, laughter, spending time in nature, feeling sensations, processing emotions, eating nutritious foods, and massaging soothing lotion onto the body are all helpful ways to stay connected and present in the body.

~ Stay in the present. Many of us cope with change by getting over busy, rehashing the past, or planning the future. It distracts us from the strange shifts we feel, but it also takes us out of the present which is where we need to be in order to flow smoothly forward. Whenever you notice you are not in the here and now, bring your awareness into your body, into your experience, and into your present surroundings and activity. This will help you to stay in the pristine present moment.

~ Let go of resistance. Effort, control, and denial are all forms of resistance. If you feel tense, rigid, defensive, or as though you’re pushing to make something happen, just stop and breathe for a moment. Shift your energy up to a clear gold or clear light vibration as a way to release any heavy or resistant energy. This will support you to stay in a state of non-resistance.

~ Trust the process. You have chosen to be on the planet at this time to go through this spiritual awakening process. You are exactly where you are meant to be. Whenever I doubt this or my process, I center within my spiritual self – that place where I am connected to the Source of all life – and I am remember who I AM. Stay connected to your true self and higher truth as a way to trust yourself and the shifts that are taking place.

When I focus on the above suggestions I don’t feel the rush of time or consciousness; I feel a sense of grace, freedom and joy. See if these support you in your spiritual growth process as well.

What other suggestions do you have for handling the shift into higher consciousness?

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Dear Readers,

As much as I love to connect with you in the comment section, I am not able to be on the computer much these days due to the intensity of my current ascension symptoms, so I won't be able to respond to comments very often.

I encourage you though, to use the comment section as a place to share your experience, read about others' and to respond to and support each other on your journey.





  1. thomas hosmer III says:

    Hello my name is tom and i would just like to say that i belive and trust in everything your talking about i’ve been reading alot but nothing has been able to tell me about how I’ve been feeling.I feel as if im going insane.I feel all of these wierd vibrations and sometimes its so peaceful and relaxing but then there are times when i feel as if my soul is being sucked under the waters and crashing into rocks then there are times i just feel so emotionaly drained but lately i feel as if i have been drifting away from my body and its scarey i really wish i could just be asured everything will be okay and whenever i try relaxing i feel like theres something inside of me trying to stop me from getting into the moment.The best thing i have found i doing this hong sau meditation and it really works.But i think the thing that would scare me the most is that when i would try to sleep i felt as if i was flying a million miles a second through space like something is just sucking my soul straight out of my body.

    Anything you could help my with would be greatly appreciated
    I’m just happy to know im not the only one feeling the shifts
    thank you for everything
    Thomas F Hosmer III

  2. Gini Grey says:

    Hello Tom,

    I can empathize with what you’re going through as I too feel like I’m going insane at times, yet when I center deep within I know I am okay and that this is all a part of the ascension process.

    We are ascending so quickly these days that it’s challening for our minds and bodies to integrate everything – hence why we feel emotionally drained etc. That’s great you have a meditation that supports you. In addition to that, the thing I find most helpful lately is to stay in the present moment and be in my body by focusing on breathing or doing a physical activity or finding things to laugh at.

    You mentioned it feels as though something inside you is trying to stop you from being in the present moment – perhaps it’s your ego mind that is scared of you being in the moment because then you as spirit take charge and the mind takes a back seat. My suggestion here is to become the observer and watch the resistance or distraction or whatever occurs to try and keep you from being in the moment (this way you will be in the moment watching what’s going on).

    Regarding the sleep issue – I had a dream experience many years ago where I was sucked up and out of my bed and up into the sky traveling so fast it freaked me out – I tried to resist the speed when a voice said “You’re going one way or the other, you can struggle and resist or you can do it the easy way” so I immediately let go of struggling and everything seemed to slow down and feel peaceful. When I woke up I knew this was a message that I would be going through a speedy transformation at some point – and here I am now going through it.

    My suggestion with this is to try just going with it – be aware of yourself as a spiritual being who is a multidimensional being and trust yourself on that level. Perhaps surrender is required here. Do you trust yourself as spirt (or your higher self, self as consciousness etc.)?

    Also, at night we do often travel out of our body (as spirit with our astral body) so perhaps you are becoming more consciously aware of what’s going on – more and more people are becoming aware of their multidimensional aspects. Makes sense as we become more conscious we are more aware.

    Know that you are okay and that this is all happening just as you planned it to on a soul level. The more connected you feel to yourself as spirit and the source of all creation, the easier it will be.

    Take care,


  3. John Greco says:

    Hello, My name is John. I have been somewhat lead into this way of thinking, possibly by the heart, intuition or whatever you may wish to call it, but it increasingly fills my life. I meditate when I can find time and feel that it helps alleviate me and gives me positive vibes. I tell friends and colleagues, some treat me with ridicule ( I can handle that), some find it interesting and come to me with questions which I try to answer by telling them that I don’t have the answers, but try to give different perspectives on the subject at hand.
    All that being said, last night ( 20th/21st October 2011 UK time) I had a short dream. In that dream I was with my wife and I was looking at the sun when it started to (what I can only liken to looking at it while crossing your eyes and then uncrossing them, when you see an object seperate from itself to form two objects and then back into one) seperate then integrate, seperate then integrate and so on. While this was happening, I asked my wife if she could see this, to which she said no. I was excited at this while she seemed to be unaware. The sun, after seperating and rejoining a few times then stopped and a black disc, like an eclipse, covered the sun. My wife still could not see this. I was overjoyed to see this, but my wife seemed indifferent. I said to her that I would stay and comfort her. I then woke up. I would like to know your take on this.
    Love, Light, Peace, Unity…John

  4. Gini Grey says:

    Hello John,

    What an interesting dream. I’m happy to share my take on this (I love looking at dreams and I’ve grown so much from looking at my own) but take it with a grain of salt, as your feelings during the dream along with your intuition will be what’s most important.

    As you wrote about the sun separating and integrating again what came to me was how we separated from Source, Creator etc. (or more likely, Source seperated into parts to experience itself), but we are now coming back together into unity consciousness. It fits with how we are now transcending duality (the split) and touching into the oneness, isness of it all.

    When you mentioned that your wife couldn’t see it, I wondered if perhaps she isn’t at the same place of ascension/spiritual awakening as you are. We are each going at our own pace of waking up and our partner’s are not always at the exact same place. We can only see at the level we are, we can’t see beyond that so if you are more conscious than your wife, you will see things with an expanded awareness that she doesn’t see yet. And from your dream, you are fine with this and will be with her as she goes through her process.

    I’m not sure what to make of the black disc covering the sun. The word “completion” comes to me. You mentioned you were overjoyed to see this so my sense is that it represents something positive for you, but I’m not sure what exactly. When you turn inward and envision it, what comes up for you? Trust your intution on it.

    Thanks so much for sharing this with me and other readers.

    Take care,


  5. Charlie says:

    Hi, great article! Im just wondering? Is everyone gonna shift? No matter if you are aware of it or not? Because i want to believe in it so bad but i cant feel it. I hope you will respond back :-)

  6. Gini Grey says:

    Hi Charlie,

    I too want everyone to shift so badly, but as I see it right now it is a small percentage of humans who are making the big shift – kind of paving the way for the rest so it will be easier for those to come when they are ready. One day everyone will as that is why we are all here – to evolve in consciousness and to bring this awareness into physical form – just imagine how great it will be when we all know who we are and can celebrate this!

    Take care,


  7. Chris says:

    Hello, my name is Chris I’m Only 16 years old but I have recently been feeling the shift and it has changed my life completely. I feel my emotions changing day by day and I feel lost and confused. And it’s been extremely hard for me to want to attend school and be motivated to learn when I’m starting to look at the world and society differently. Everyone at school has false egos (which I did too but realized it has no purpose) and are full of drama. I’ve cut myself off from all these people and lost many of my good friends. But I feel isolated and alone now. Ive been having weird dreams that I can’t figure out the meaning but it’s causing me to feel drained and tired. I’ve been starting to meditate but I can’t seem to feel good for more then a week at a time. If there’s anything I can do that you think could help me it would be very appreciated.
    Thank you,

  8. Gini Grey says:

    Hello Chris,

    Sorry for taking so long to get back to you – I’ve been going through an intense awakening/ascending experience lately so have not been at my computer as much.

    I very much relate to what you are going through – as we wake up more fully (and now the level of consciousness and energy on the planet is really pushing many of us in that direction) everything changes. I’ve drifted away from so many friends and family over the years and wondered if I’ll have anyone left. But over time I continue to meet new people who are where I am at – not as many friends as before, but close ones.

    Although I’ve been going through spiritual growth periods for years, lately its been more intense and my emotions are up as well. As I understand it, our bodies are being rewired so to speak to help us be able to shift our vibration to allow more of us as spirit/source to come into our body – this is why we feel drained and tired a lot. The weird dreams are a way we process and release as well. We basically have to release all of what is not us (conditioning, beliefs etc from this life and other lifetimes) so we can be a clean blank slate so to speak.

    So for what to suggest – have you read the articles on the site related to ascension symptoms? If not, start with the one called Common Ascension Symptoms During Spritual Awakening (listed on the right side bar under popular articles) and then click the links from there to other articles on the topic.

    Meditating is helpful for me as I find it supports me to get out of my mental mind (which only triggers fear and feels more lonely) and helps me to be with but not become my emotions. As you meditate, touch into who you are beyond your mind and body – feel into your soul, your spiritual being, your spaciousness that is beyond this 3D duality reality. The more you can let go of the 3D reality and view life from a higher perspective and consciousness, the more comfortable you will feel.

    But in the meantime, try to accept what comes up for you as you release emotions and other stuff from your space – watch it with as much acceptance and curiosity and amusement as you can as that will help ease things and help you to feel better. As I understand it, most of these symptoms will be gone by the end of 2012 if we are willing to go with the flow as they release.

    You are fortunate that you are going through this at a relatively young age as you will have less to let go of from this lifetime (I’m still releasing old attachments to family and friends which triggers insecurity as I do it, but then freedom once I accept it).

    Take care,


  9. Jyoti says:

    Hi, my name is Jyoti and I am 21. I have been experiencing an immense amount of emotions, some of which are sprouting from fears and anxieties that the media has conditioned in me since I was born. Sometimes I feel incredibly depressed, while other times I just feel frustrated by the people around me. I do not feel at home and sometimes get this longing to go back home, where ever home may be. The only place I have found comfort is with my boyfriend’s family- who oddly feel more like my family than my parents and brother. I feel like crying out of no where and just do not feel like the self i used to be. I wish I could turn to materialism and friendships that mattered to me at one point in my life, but I am not this person anymore. Is there anything you recommend I do just to be at peace with myself?


  10. Gini Grey says:

    Hello Jyoti,

    I can so relate to what you are experiencing. As we awaken to who we really are, there is that longing to “go home”, but we are here to experience home within ourselves – that’s what enlightenment is all about. During this process though all of our conditioning, limited beliefs, old wounds etc. have to come up and be released (hence the feelings of depression and crying).

    Know that this is just a process you are going through – you will be yourself again, in a deeper more joyful way than you’ve experienced before. If you can become okay with this process and know that you are bigger than it, the fear will subside and the emotions will pass (think of the saying “This too shall pass”).

    What I recommend is reading a few of my articles that will be helpful such as Common Ascension Symptoms as well as Shifting your Energy Vibration. These are both listed under Popular Articles on the right side bar of my Spiritual Transformers site. Then click on other related articles within those such as Dealing with Ascension Symptoms and Resources for Ascension Symptoms.

    Overall, doing what you can to remember who you are – a big, powerful, being of light will help. Some people use meditation, chanting, toning, prayer, creativity, amusement, dancing etc. to touch into this space so find what works for you. Also, sometimes the depression etc. is not our own energy but energy we pick up from others through family, friends, the media etc. so when you notice it, release it by imagining taking off what is not yours, then notice if you feel lighter. Our own emotions are more easy to handle once we’ve let go of everyone else’s.

    Take care,


  11. Marlee says:


    Thank you so much for posting this article it is sooooo helpful! I know we need to trust our process, but I definitely flip flop between acceptance, trust and flowing, and then other times feeling fearful and even resentful. Sometimes I think, “Is this is a mistake?” The hardest thing for me is the expansion of consciousness and seeing the world in a completely new way. It seems that I am on a rapid path of awakening and my mind and body are having a hard time keeping up with the changes. Its just reassuring to know that other people are experiencing the same things. :)


  12. Gini Grey says:

    Hello Marlee,

    Thanks for your comment – so glad the article was helpful. I know how reasurring it is to find others experiencing similar ascension symptoms (it helps me reading about readers experineces too). It makes me laugh with your comment about “Is this a mistake?” I don’t know how many times I’ve asked that and then followed with the question “What was I thinking when I signed up for this!?!” Yet, on the days when I’ve moved through releasing a big chunk of old stuff and the ascension symptoms are at bay for the moment, I feel so grateful for it all.

    I can relate to how challenging it is keeping up with the fast changes and with seeing the world in a new reality. I often wake up in the morning feeling like everything is different and I have to calm my mind and body to be okay and welcome the changes (for it really is all good).

    Take care,


  13. Leff says:


    I was wondering are u aware of the dark side?And i would also like to let u know that i am only 13 years old and i have felt outer body experiences and have felt my third eye and root chakra swirl aton im not sure if they are my strongest chakras that i have meditated on or if its just me another thing is is that i started being spiritual around age 9.I had made a spiritual friend (a imaginary friend)And had meditated every day of my life.after 3 years my mother and father divorced it was a hard time on me and i soon adapted to it i am mediatating again and feel more and more energy….i have watched many shows like: ALAJE DAVID WILLCOCK and many others…..i am concerned if i will make the translation to the higher consciousness.

    I have some symptoms like:

    1 Eating much healthier foods and exercise.

    2 and feeling my spiritual side much more often than before

    Thank you and please respond!Thanks!


  14. Gini Grey says:

    Hello Leff,

    That’s great that you are so aware at a young age. This seems to be happening to more and more children which is another sign that the planet is evolving quickly.

    Re your first question – yes I am aware of the dark side. I don’t write about it much as talking about dark beings/entities that can get in your space can trigger fear in people which only makes them more susceptable. But I would like to say that while there are darker beings/energy still on the planet trying to keep things controlled and slow down the evolution of higher consciousness, in the long run these beings and energies all stem from the same one Source, so actually help to push us forward (in a painful kind of way) as they force us to wake up and own our power. Each time I have to deal with a dark being messing up my space, I grow in empowerment as I know I am bigger than they are (no being can influence you unless you have a vulnerablitiy) and the light can transmute any lower vibrations.

    That’s great you meditate and it makes sense this would manifest into eating healthier, exercise and being more aware of your spiritual side. Spiritual awakening is really quite simple – it’s just waking up to who we really are as spiritual beings which means seeing past the conditioning, beliefs, programming etc from this lifetime and past lifetimes. But now that consciousness is evolving so quickly, we don’t have to do much, just be open to it, trust ourselves and stay focused on our higher selves, heart impulses, and our connection to the God of our heart.

    No need to be concerned about making the transition into higher consciousness as you are already doing it (as is everyone in their own time and pace) – just enjoy the journey.

    Take care,


  15. Leff says:

    To Gini

    Yes i have had awareness of such things when i was 9 years old but i can remember when i was 3-7 i saw spirits and energy…i have never been religious people in third grade treated me as if i was a alien it self……..My dad exposed me to many things when i was young he used to do the witch board thingy…..i am very understanding to these things i have seen many scary things to me on you tube but i always over came them.like i said i felt many energy’s and pressures on my head.What experiences have u had if u mined me asking?


  16. Gini Grey says:

    Hello Leff,

    I remember the board – ouiji board or something it was called – I played with it in my teens (my mom gave it to me) until a friend of mine was partially taken over by a being while using it so I stopped using it.

    My experiences involve seeing and sensing energy mostly. I was trained to read energy clairvoyantly so I basically close my eyes to look at a persons energy field, body or a situation, relationship etc. and look at the core issue through the energy. I find it very helpful for myself and others.

    Over the past year I’ve been going through a much more intense awakening so have been having all kind of physical symptoms, aches and pains, emotional release and more energy awareness.

    One thing I tend to come across is when I make a shift in some area of my life (like letting go of old attachments to people or old limiting beliefs or group mind conditioning) it takes a little while for my body to catch up so I experience symptoms. I also become vulnerable sometimes to foreign entities getting in my space not wanting me to take another step in freedom. Fortunately I am aware of them and ask them to leave, ground them to the earth or send them to source. If I’m having trouble with that I ask ArchAngel Michaeal or an ascended being to help me remove them or call a spiritual friend for a hand. I have articles on these topics in case your interested – just go to the search box on my site and type in a word like archangels, or ascension symptoms.

    I’ve felt pressure in my head – sometimes its because of the changes to the brain (right and left hemispheres merging together more) and sometimes it’s because I’m picking up on someone else’s energy through my 7th chakra so I just clear it out.

    That’s great you see spirits and energy – just remember that no spirit has the right to influence you or move into your space – you have total domain over yourself and your body so can move them out.

    Take care,


  17. Leff says:

    Dear Gini

    OK i will check it out .i have felt that pressure in my head to….many times….i let it go on tho yes i will not let any spirit over ride me.i have a watcher a imaginary person watching over me as i do things…..thank you for your info.


  18. Derek says:

    I was hoping someone could help me figure this out??? When I was younger ( 8-10 years old), I experienced something very strong. Ok here’s the story.
    One night I was laying in bed, getting ready to rest my eyes. Then suddenly I felt a tremendous amount of energy all around me. That’s when it happened. Next thing I knew everything was moving very fast, as if someone pressed fast forward. Everything around me was moving so fast. All the sounds around me, even when I tried to talk. All my words came out so quickly that I couldn’t understand! So I cried and ran to my mother who was down stairs. Still everything that I seen and heard was moving so quickly!! When I got to my mom and told her about what was happening, she didn’t believe me and started laughing. I couldn’t understand anything she was saying or what I was trying to say. It literally was a nightmare!! Yet so powerful! Now I’m 27 and still haven’t found the answer, or anyone who has came close to this experience. Since then I been mediating and saying mantras. Hope someone reads this and can explain everything to me, or relate.

  19. ggggg says:

    hello;i`ve been meditating for 2,3 years and in lately days my ego kind of starting dissolving just in 3,4 days ;it happen so sudden ;i thought i`ll go crazy because i was been dragged into higher consciousness and i didn`t know who the hell i was;it was very confusing ;i have never felt so scared in my life ;it felt like i was gonna die;i thought like i was going insane,to a crazy people hospital;but then,i started to accept and it felt a little better ; i haven`t meditated for 3 days because it feels so strong now and i don`t think im ready;if i sit in a corner and meditate,my mind stops and i can enter into profound meditation within 5,10 minutes;but it feels like hell ! the other day,when i came home,my home seem so new to me like i have never been home for 5 years and i`ve started to feel every food that i`ve eaten ;this lasted very little,like an hour or two ;it was very pleasent,funny ,but at the same time scary;also it felt like i was a witness ;also,lately ,i felt like a woman ,going to places guided by my emotions wich now,if i watch back,it is very funny;
    i don`t know if any advice can comfort myself ,but if you have any,shoot ..thanks

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