How to Ease Ascension Symptoms During Spiritual Growth Periods

Spiritual growth is  filled with bumps along the way; how we navigate them determines our experience.

thegnome54I recently wrote an article on the common ascension symptoms experienced during spiritual awakening, so it seems only fitting that I follow-up with tips on how to ease them.

As we embark on a spiritual growth journey (or it embarks on us), we go through many shifts and changes. Old belief systems drop away, conditioning and programming becomes unwired, DNA strands are rewired, and our energy vibration lightens and brightens. All of this needs to take place so we can embody more of our spiritual essence.

From this higher spiritual perspective we know we are one with Source. We transcend duality and rise above dichotomies. We see the humor in life’s dramas and have compassion for those who don’t. But this journey to a higher level of consciousness is not always easy; there are many bumpy growth periods along the way.

I am grateful to the spiritual teachers who have supported me on my journey with energy awareness tools, spiritual guidance and love. But when it comes to easing ascension symptoms during spiritual growth periods, I often listen to my body to see what it needs (as it is the one trying to catch up to the shifts I’ve made on a soul level). Here’s what I’ve discovered helps:

Relax into ease. Inner shifts, accompanied by aches and pains, can trigger fears, worry and anxiety in the body. Our intellectual mind likes to be in charge so an alarm bell goes off when a spiritual awakening occurs. I’ve found that resisting the process only prolongs ascension symptoms, whereas relaxing into a state of ease allows the experience to flow smoothly. Take deep breaths and remind yourself that all is well and all is in Divine order.

Listen to your body. Taking time to be with yourself and sink into your body will immediately ease ascension symptoms. Tune out the external world and just be with your body. Notice sensations, feel your energy flowing, process any emotions, and ask your body what it wants. You will hear, sense, see or feel a response. You might see an image of a bowl of chicken noodle soup, or hear the words “warm, bubble bath,” or feel the urge to stretch, or sense that watching a comedy show would lighten your mood. As you honor and build trust with your body, it will open up to allow more of you as spirit to come in.

Stay amused and neutral. Getting stressed, over reacting, judging and being overly serious will only make ascension symptoms worse. Let go of harsh opinions and judgments, and instead practice acceptance and neutrality. See the amusement in life’s dramas. Shift your energy to a light, amused state as a way to release energy blocks. This will help you to instantly feel better.

Get out in nature. Being in nature, which is in a natural state of ease and flow, supports the mind and body to move into balance. Go for a walk in the woods or along a beach. Sit by a stream and listen to the gurgling water. Or if you can’t get outdoors, look at scenic pictures of mountains, oceans and sunsets as a way to tune into the energy of nature.

Rest, sleep and take it easy. During a spiritual growth period the body goes through a transformation process as it catches up to the shifts you’ve made on a soul level. Be gentle with yourself. Take naps when you’re tired, sleep in late if you can, and say “no” to activities that feel draining.

Be creative. When I write, dance, create a collage, play my ukulele, bake a yummy dessert or take part in any other creative expression, I rise above the heaviness of ascension symptoms. Growth periods pass by with ease and I soon find myself experiencing a new level of consciousness. Spiritual awakening then becomes a beautiful process.

For more help in easing ascension symptoms during spiritual growth periods read the article, Resources for Coping with Ascension Symptoms.

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Dear Readers,

As much as I love to connect with you in the comment section, I am not able to be on the computer much these days due to the intensity of my current ascension symptoms, so I won't be able to respond to comments very often.

I encourage you though, to use the comment section as a place to share your experience, read about others' and to respond to and support each other on your journey.





  1. Yves says:

    The ascension has been quite a bumpy ride of experiencing epiphanies one day and going to ‘the dark place’ the next…what a roller-coaster.

    And I’ve witnessed this in some friends and loved ones who are picking up the signals, early.

    One thing that works really well for me is going out to art galleries, experiencing other people’s creativity and talking to the gallery owners and managers about the work. Somehow that much creativity (seeing, feeling, experiencing it and talking about it) puts me in the right place to allow the ascension to pass right through me without a hitch.

    Sometimes this works even better than meditating. For when I meditate, in the back of my mind (even while chanting) I’m aware that I’m trying to clear negative energies and toxins. Whereas, the art experience makes me forget the toxins and in essence transforms them into creativity, appreciation an dlove.

  2. Gini Grey says:

    Hello Yves,

    Going to art galleries and experiencing the creativity sounds like a wonderful way to move through ascension symptoms easily. I had that experience myself a while ago – just tuning into the creativity, amusement and empowerment of each piece of art so thank you for that reminder – I’ll have to get out to art galleries more often!

    Another thing that works for me (when I don’t feel like going out at all) is to put on some uplifting music and move my body either dancing or making a meal or something. Or watching a comedy helps – the laughter raises my vibration above the discomfort my body feels as it shifts to a new place.

    Thanks for sharing,


  3. Christina says:

    Hi Yves and Gini,
    Many thanks to both of you :-D .
    Going to art galleries in order to be surrounded by creativity in multiple ways is such a brilliant idea! Will definitely apply it as soon as possible.
    Dancing is one of my passions and always shifting things for me! Don’t want to be without it anymore.
    My landlady always watches comedy before she goes to sleep, even if it’s only 10 minutes. And I guess a day without laughter has not been fully been made use of.
    Just realised that generally being outside in nature and with the elements as well as cooking or baking works for me, however haven’t been doing it for a while now.
    Great. Lots of beautiful ideas.
    Thank you ladies for sharing,

    xx Christina xx

  4. wanda pope says:

    Dear Gini, I am so grateful that Spirit lead me to yu=our website. I am feeling reassured, am feeling relief and release, comfort and joy. Thank you to all who participated here and blessings to us all.

  5. Gini Grey says:

    Thank you, Wanda, for sharing your gratitude here on this site. I too am grateful to all who participate by sharing their experiences, questions and blessings.

    Take care,


  6. Rose says:

    I’m having all the symptoms of awakening, including different sleep patterns. I’m new to his and have no idea what this is all about. Please Help.

  7. Gini Grey says:

    Hello Rose,

    I know how confusing this can all be. The best thing I can suggest is to read through a few articles on my site that relate to spiritual awakening and ascension symptoms. You read the one on how to ease ascension symptoms and probably read the one on the common symptoms, but there are also other articles on topics such as higher levels of consciousness, the illusion of seperation, how to shift your energy etc. On the right side bar are the categories which show the most recent 4 articles, but if you click the category heading, a synopsis of all the articles will show up in the middle and you can scroll through them to see which articles fit. Then if you have more specific questions, let me know.

    Take care,


  8. Alex says:

    I feel the strongest symptoms I have ever experienced at the moment
    And was at a complete loss… Asked for help and I was shown your website
    Thank you so so much. After reading this article The sigh of release and feeling of peace is just such a relief. I thought I was going insane :-( ((
    Wish we weren’t a minority and this work was widely known and accepted
    And there would be less suffering in the world… I pray the wish comes true x
    Thank you for being who you are and having the courage and strength to do this work in this lifetime xxx much love x

  9. Justin says:

    hello everyone.
    not only am i dealing with this ascension stuff but i got many illnesses too.
    i lost 150lbs in one year 6 months. i have / had a tapeworm.
    i should be dead but i predicted my quick rising up out of death in 2011.
    i said i would look totally different in 2012 which i do.
    my friends have abandoned me but i see that as i didnt need them anyways.
    family is scarce. all i have is my girl from another country that i cant see yet.
    i’m kind of new to this stuff so how long does this whole process take???
    i’m a Christian but all the things happening to me all match up with this ascension for sure. i got nearly every thing on this list. i keep seeing weird Biblical numbers constantly every day. 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777. this world is getting strange. also, my girlfriend i had a dream of her and her daughter in 2004 when her daughter was in her woom. this dream will take place in the near future. am i nuts or something? lol! ive predicted many things since i was younger. someone please reach out to me!

  10. Gini Grey says:

    Hello Alex,

    Thanks for your message. I too wish we weren’t a minority as it is challening to explain to friends and family what we are going through so they can understand. But it’s a sign that we are ready for this and we are championing the movement to enlightenment so to speak so hang in there – you have a big spirit that knows what it’s doing!

    Take care,


  11. Gini Grey says:

    Hello Justin,

    Your illness may have been a part of the ascension process too – sounds like you’ve experienced a lot. Intuition, clairvoyance etc. become easier to tune into as we become more conscioius as well so you’re not nuts, just opening more and more to all the dimensions that exist in the space where there is no time-line. The numbers are interesting – lots of people see them. I keep seeing 11 which for me is reminding me these symptoms are all about transformation so just go with the flow.

    Take care,


  12. Justin says:

    Hello Gini Grey,
    Yes, sis I’ve been possessed for 2 1/2 years before with evil spirits as well and that was in 1999-2001. it was BRUTAL! i was deathly ill and vommitted daily for that whole time. i was so ill. the girl i dated did witch craft and curses. i didnt believe in that stuff then but i learned very fast after she did that to me. ive been through hell down here honestly since i was little. i never give up and i never quit.

    yes i know about those numbers a good eal and what they mean. i heard those are angels making us see them but i dont know. ive even heard people who see those numbers are heavily protected. i know thats so true in my life and past. no one can harm me. something good corrects them heavily. so today no one bothers me. i’m a Christian and i dont even get persecuted. LOL. i dont judge or condemn anyone though either.

    do you know how long this process takes? will i ascend off the earth eventually? whats this all stand for and why do they call it ascension if its not really? take care my friend. peace be with you!!!

  13. Alex says:

    Thanks for your reply Gini, I appreciate it! You are inspiring x
    Here’s to lots of fun and happiness and joy on the journey too!
    What I have learnt from you and others and I’m being reminded of now is….
    We are blessed to be here, i believe we chose to come here to do this work.
    We must not forget to have fun and let go and flow it makes it all a lot easier :-)
    We can chose to do this the hard or easy way… I choose fun and ease from this moment forward… No more drama and pain…I will put checks/reminders in place around my home to remind me of this… reminding me to breathe and return to the breath, our friend that had been with us since the moment we arrived here… Who gives us life xxxxx love being in this conversation… I will keep listening xxx

  14. Justin says:

    Alex wrote we chose to come here to do this work. what work? i have no idea what all this stuff is supposed to mean. can someone fill me in? what are we angels or something like that? we must be enemies of evil for sure maybe because ive suffered non-stop since i was about 7 years old. not sure why. well, take care my friends.

  15. Gini Grey says:

    Hello Justin,

    What I’m aware of is that many of us are old souls – we’ve been coming into physical form on this planet for ages so we have experiened all the dualites, played all the games, been the victim and the bully and so on, and now that we have evolved and learned so much about compassion, forgiveness, love, and who we are as the spirit of God/Source/Creator, we are here now, during this time of accelarated consciousness on the planet, to embody the light of God/Source which assists in this evolution and supports others to awaken as well. But in doing so, we have to let go of any last fragments of programming etc. from our space. In addition, many are also helping to transmute collective low vibrating energy through our spaces.

    So for example, when fear comes up and releases from your space, it may be your own fear held in your body from this lifetime, or it may be from a past lifetime, or it may be some collective fear on the planet you are helping to bring consciousness to so it can transmute back into the light.

    So in a sense, we are the earth angels of the planet, but eventually everyone will vibrate at this space (as they do already at their core, they just don’t know it).

    Hope this makes sense – and any other readers, please add your insights as well to this.

    Take care,


  16. Justin says:

    so im supposed to quit being a christian then? no this makes no sense pretty much to me but i know this is whats happening to me. i hate people. i hate god. im fighting him daily. so how am i an angel then? what does an angel do? ive just suffered and suffered. i have no friends, no job, no money. i am praying for god to kill me. there is no purpose for me being here. i have never ever had much of a life. while everyone else was out in college i was always sick at home dealing with sickness. its not fair. ive had one trauma after another. i love god but truly hate him somedays. i am dealing with post traumatic stress disorder from child sexual abuse so im cursing him out daily. i dont sound like much of an angel sis.

    im sick, alone and destroyed by evil. i hate my life and myself. i have no one in my life except my girlfriend 10000 miles away in another country and i cant even go see her. ;-(

  17. Gini Grey says:

    Hello Justin,

    It sounds like you are struggling with some important issues. Suffering has brought many people to surrendering to Spirit (think of people like Echart Tolle who have written about this in modern books) and then they are thankful for it. I hope that one day none of us need suffer in order to heal and grow beyond the pain of being in a human body.

    My wish for you is that you are able to heal the past, forgive what you need to, and be in the present moment with who you are as spirit and touch into the true God of your heart. It’s often our pain and resentment which drag us down, and forgiveness (not for the sake of the other, but to free ourselves) which brings us relief.

    Take care,


  18. Justin says:

    please answer my 3 questions though. you didnt touch on them.

    1. so im supposed to quit being a christian then?
    2. so how am i an angel then?
    3. what do we do as angels here?

    i understand i have these symptoms for sure but i dont hate God. i have a brain issue i found out, but i would still like to hear why we are here as angels if we are indeed angels. i see all the numbers alot 111, 222, 333, 1111, 444, 555, 777 and they say angels give those signs but who are to say if those are good or bad angels showing those to us. it could be a deception too. peace to you sis. evil cant break me. been trying 31 years and i dont stand down to evil or fear. peace always to you!!!

  19. Justin says:

    there just seems to be ALOT of new age religion stuff going around that paints a nice easy picture to heaven but The Bible is all true stuff. you can even look in world history and see it all lined up with God’s Word and even Jesus said theres one way. He is the only way. not any other way but Him. so i dont know how people can make up religions based on numbers, but i do believe in all these symptoms of ascension but im not sold i am an angel. i have no miracously powers for sure but i am heavily protected. i dont have to lift a finger when someone tries to hurt me. God handles them before they come to me. thats a sign of an annointed one.

    but you say we are all one and that aint true. yes we are all created by God but some love evil some dont. thats not the same and i see all this peace religion stuff and funny evil is rising up and the antichrist will speak on the subject of “peace” and will decieve many. so be very careful who you follow. the earth is getting worse by the day and ill be surprised if it lasts another 10 years let alone into 2022 like i hear with the new age sites. it would be nice though if the world isnt in great turmoil and evil can learn its role and settle down. lol.peace.

  20. Gini Grey says:

    Hello Justin,

    To answer your 3 questions from earlier. I don’t think you should stop being a Christian. Getting support and guidance from Christ is something I do daily. I;m not a Christain per se as I don’t believe everything written in the bible and I find most religions tend to become too structured with rules and dogma, whereas when we touch into our higher truth, we know what’s true in our heart.

    I don’t know if you’re an angel – you know within the stillness of your heart and soul.

    What we do as angels is up to each of us – I don’t view myself as an angel in terms of how the bible describes angels, but I am hear to support peace and love on this planet so that’s why I say some of us are earth angles (here to anchor the light and help release the dark). My focus is to be in a state of love and peace and to share that with others as much as I’m able (but I’m a human being with an ego as well so it’s not always easy to keep that in balance). And my focus with this site is to write about what I experience, sense and see from my higher spiritual perspective. And I hope that it supports others, brings comfort and helps people to touch into their higher truth.

    I don’t have all the answers, but I believe we each have the answers for what we need if we take the time to turn inward and listen to our soul’s voice and the voice of God/Creator/Source, not our ego’s or dark entities distractions.

    One thing I find most helpful is to get out of my head trying to figure it all out, and instead trust my inner knowing – that’s the place I feel peaceful and trusting.

    Take care,


  21. PATTY says:

    Thanks for addressing this! You have outlined many NORMAL challenges humans go through as we learn to love and be loved in bigger, different, NEW ways…the journey of life. I am a life coach and life coach trainer who teaches people how to stay with themselves and allow this process of change. To me, it seems like the process a butterfly must go through, letting go of everything outside and going within to allow change. Then we emerge again in more colors with new sensibilities to see and be seen in life.
    A huge problem some people have in the process is thinking there is something wrong with them…or others…and therefore fighting them, life and the process. The thoughts that fight the process and life outside during the process can make the journey hellacious and slow. After the fight, when the metamorphosis is complete, it is harder to enjoy all the beautiful NEW life in the aftermath of all the dynamics set up in fighting through the process.
    In summary, your tips are wonderful. Be kind and gentle with yourself in the process. Do not be harsh in throwing away old relationships along the way. Many times the beauty on the other side of the change is rebuilding relationships new ways, on the other side of change.
    Patty Jackson

  22. becky says:

    I have found a lot of my fears/questions answered – finding this site was a blessing. Ihave one very large concern. I see that when one ascends you find that there are people that don’t fit aanymore. I am worried about my husband. He has a very low energy – it is not an option to lose him – but am I compromising my ascension? He accepts what I am doing – is a good man. Can I have both? Ascension and him?

  23. Gini Grey says:

    Hello Becky,

    Yes, so true that as you ascend many peope don’t fit in your life anymore – they just don’t relate or resonate with where you are so there isn’t as much to connect to. But with family and spouses, I have found that they can still fit in two ways.

    One is if you can see past their personality and into who they are as spirit, this opens the heart and you can connect from a place of love so it doesn’t matter as much if you see the world in the same way. With your husband, perhaps he can be an opportunity for you to practice non-judgment, accepance, humor and even noticing if you match his lower energy as this is good practice for re-tuning to your own energy vibration no matter who you are around,

    You can definitely have both as long as you can lovingly accept that he is not on the same ascension path as you (or not on the same timeline with it anyway). Remember, as spirit we are all equal, but some of us have had more lives and more spiritual awareness etc. but eventually everyone will ascend.

    Take care,


  24. Cindy says:

    Hi Gini,
    Your article was a gift I happily received. Since April I have been feeling out of sorts in my life, stepped into solitude for a while and now have just experienced many of the symptoms you listed which I thought was a nasty flu. Thank you for helping bring me this awareness and to see it as a gift despite feeling like death last night. Lol
    Makes me excited for what’s next :) :):)


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