Open Your Heart Chakra and Fill with Love

The heart chakra is filled with endless love.

Have you ever looked into the heart of another? Seen the true vibration of love flowing through someone’s fourth chakra? It’s an amazing sight to see.

Years ago, while taking a spiritual energy reading course, the students were asked to partner-up and read the fourth layer of each other’s aura (which corresponds to the heart chakra). There were an uneven number of participants in class that day so I partnered with a teacher in training.

I was awed as I looked at the vibration of love flowing through her space. It was as spacious as the clear blue sky. She was full of a quality of love and compassion that I hadn’t seen before.

Usually when I read another student’s aura, I would see foreign energy and invalidation mixed in with their true energy. With this woman, who’d been on a spiritual path for many years, there was nothing blocking her flow of love. No past wounds, no limiting beliefs, no shields of protection; just love and self-affinity. In that moment, I knew the possibility for myself. I knew I too could open my heart and fill with love.

What Blocks the Heart Chakra?

Each of our chakras and the layers of the aura carry energy and information about us. The heart chakra, located in the center of the chest, is all about love: self-love, love and affinity for others, and the love and passion we have for anything that touches our heart. Fully owned, open and clear, we are free to experience a high vibration of spiritual love, outside of past conditioning, romantic pictures, and childhood wounds.

Unfortunately, most of us carry invalidation and misinformation in our heart chakra. Few have made it through childhood without experiencing some sort of emotional wounding, rejection or abandonment. And fewer have made it through their teens and early adulthood without being bombarded by romance movies, novels and inappropriate role models depicting love as a drug we derive from another.

In reality, love isn’t something we ‘get’ from another or only experience through loved ones. Love is the essence of who we are. When our heart is open and full of love, we connect directly to the Divine within us. We know there is nothing to fear or protect; there’s enough love to blanket ourselves and the whole world.

How to Open Your Heart

How open is your heart chakra in this moment? Feel into the center of your chest and notice if it’s 10%, 20%, 50% or more open. Put your hands over this energy center and ask, “What blocks my heart from opening?” You may notice a tightness or tension in this area. You may feel an old hurt rise to the surface, begging for your attention.

If a painful memory comes up for you, notice it. Don’t hide it away or cover it up with false joy or busyness. Connect with your higher self and shine a light of love and compassion onto this wound. Honor any emotions that need to be felt and expressed. Release anyone else’s energy, emotions, or judgments from your space. When it feels appropriate, let go of this past painful picture, and touch into the love underneath.

As you nurture past wounds and forgive those involved, you open up your heart and fill with more love. Play with consciously opening your heart chakra a bit more each day and notice what this feels like. Feel the flow of love flowing through this energy center, and focus more on this than on any invalidation that may also be there.

Fill with Love

Do you protect yourself from heartbreak by closing down your heart or covering it with armor? Be willing to put aside any shields or protective armor you have covering your fourth chakra. Close your eyes and sense, feel or look for shields or structures that protect your heart. What is the payoff for having this here? What is the cost? When we try to protect ourselves from future pain, we prevent our own self-love from flowing. Move the shield, block or structure outside of your space and notice how this feels. Fill in your heart space with the vibration of love then let it expand to every cell in your body.

Use this short audio clip on Pure Spiritual Love as a way to tune into your highest self-affinity.

What supports you to open your heart chakra? Please share below so we can inspire the whole world to fill with love.

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