Own the Throat Chakra for Clear Communication

As you own your throat chakra you own your ability to communicate clearly.

The throat or fifth chakra is the energy center for clear communication. When fully owned, we have the ability to express ourselves, speak our truth, and hear our inner voice. When this chakra is blocked or shut down we may hesitate to share our perspective, feel a tightness or lump in the throat, and have less awareness about what other people are communicating.

There are five aspects to the throat chakra. These include:

  • Spirit to body communication.
  • Telepathic communication.
  • Broadband communication.
  • Communicating with non-physical beings.
  • Pragmatic intuition.

Awareness of each of these will help you to have clear communication on all levels. Here’s a description of each.

Spirit to body communication. When we have an open channel between our spirit and our body, we hear our inner voice and know that we are divinely guided. If this aspect is blocked or closed down, our body may feel insecure and start to rely on the ego or intellect for guidance.

Telepathic communication. We communicate on many levels. We use words, tone, body language, facial expressions, hand gestures and so on. But we also communicate spirit to spirit. Communicating telepathically allows us to sense what a person really means by what they say or don’t say. It’s also the ability to connect with someone far away and have a spirit to spirit conversation.

Broadband communication. This is our ability to relay a message to a large group of people. This may involve giving a speech to a large gathering, writing an article that reaches thousands of people, or having your business or advertizing reach a massive audience. Underneath lays the willingness to be visible on a grand scale.

Communicating with non-physical beings. Beings who are not in body may include loved ones who’ve died, angels, ascended masters, or lower level beings. Any of these may try to communicate with us at any time. By tuning out external distractions and tuning into the energy around us, we can see, sense and hear who it is and what they are expressing. And just as we have the ability to create healthy energetic boundaries around what people we connect with, we can choose what non-physical beings to interact with as well.

Pragmatic intuition. This is the ability to instantly know when the phone is about to ring, or know who’s on the other end, and so on. It’s a practical, sensible form of intuition. If I’m about to head outdoors for the day, I’ll often hear my inner voice say, “take an umbrella,” even though it’s sunny, or “bring your sunglasses,” on a rainy day. At the time it makes no sense. But sure enough, as the day unfolds, my pragmatic intuition is always right – a sunny day turns to rain, or a rainy day turns to sunshine, and I’m glad I’m prepared.

How to Own and Clear Your Throat Chakra

You don’t have to focus on these  individual aspects of the throat chakra  in order to have clear communication, but it does help to be aware of them. To improve your overall communication, bring your awareness into this energy center at the base of your throat and have the intention to own it, release foreign energy, and allow it to be open with your energy flowing through it.

If you feel something blocking your fifth chakra, close your eyes and tune into what the block is. Does it have a shape, color or texture? What’s the message in it? Whose energy is it? Without judgment or resistance, simply say hello to it and move it out. Fill in this space with your own energy, or with a clear gold or clear light vibration to help you own it. And listen to your inner voice for guidance.

Do you have any questions or comments about how to own the throat chakra for clear communication? Please share below.

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Dear Readers,

As much as I love to connect with you in the comment section, I am not able to be on the computer much these days due to the intensity of my current ascension symptoms, so I won't be able to respond to comments very often.

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  1. Vanya says:

    I think I have my throat chakra blocked. I feel like something suffocate me and as my muscles in the throat chakra spot are constricted. especially last few days.
    I tried to meditate and to clean my chakras. it worked for other chakras but for throat didnt.
    How I can help myself? how to identify what si going on with me.
    By the way my right elbow hurts me for few months and i think this is related witht his as well
    Thank you!

  2. Dante Fell says:

    Going to your Site these days. With thanks for this info. Pleased to meet you.

  3. Gini Grey says:

    Hello Vanya,

    It does sound like a throat chakra blockage or process you are in, which I’ve been experiencing mildly lately (and I’ve heard of others as well). This could be due to a step you are taking around opening your spirit to body communication or speaking your truth etc., or it could be due to the shift in consciousness on the planet – we all have the opportunity to bring more of our spirit into body now and that often involves the throat chakra.

    So, it doesn’t mean that the blockage is a bad thing, it could just be that you are bringing up stuff in there to release and it’s feeling a little tight or stuck at the moment. Moving into a state of non-resistance is helpful, as is trusting your process. During meditation, you could also bring your awareness into the center of your 5th chakra and just notice what’s going on. Listen, look and sense for any information about what is in there or what wants to release.

    It sounds like you know how to clear your chakras but if it helps, try listening to one of the brief audio session on the Sample Spiritual Energy Audios page on my site. There is one for the first chakra and third chakra – just adapt those tools for your fifth chakra.

    Re the elbow, that definitely could be related as our elbows (in addition to our sinuses, collarbones and knees) are places we hold telepathic communication energy from communicating telepathically with others (which relates to the 5th chakra). Just imagine pulling away any foreign energy and throwing it outside of your space, then fill your elbow with clear, gold energy and see if that helps.

    Take care,


  4. pristina drive says:

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