Shift Your Energy Vibration Easily

You have the power to consciously shift your energy vibration anytime, anywhere.

There are days when I get up in the morning feeling down and heavy as though I’m carrying a back pack filled with rocks. My energy vibrates sloooowly and my feet stick to the floor with each step. Who knows what I did on the astral plane while my body lay sleeping or what junk I brought back with me. Fortunately, I can take a few minutes to clear my space and shift my energy vibration up a few notches.

Our physical bodies can easily match the energy and emotions around us. Most of us weren’t raised to be in charge of our energetic space or to shift our mood easily. This can lead to taking on others’ emotions, matching the barometric pressure of the weather or feeling the weight of the world through media reports. The more we own our space from a place of ease and non-resistance, the less we take on and match other energies. But even when we slip or fall into our own funky mood, with awareness, we can shift our energy vibration easily.

The next time you unconsciously drop down to match a friend’s sullenness, or react defensively to an obstacle on your path, you can consciously release other people’s energy, move back into your own energy set, and rise up to a lighter vibration. There are many ways to do this. One way involves the mind with positive thinking and uplifting visualizations. Another is through the body with movement, breathing, spending time in nature. Even listening to soothing or upbeat music can instantly shift your energy. But you can also simply tune into the vibration you would like to experience and match it. Here are two spiritual energy exercises to play with.

Tune Into the Spiritual Energy of Your Choice

Close your eyes and center within your spiritual self. Decide what mood, tone, or energy set you would like to experience. Do you want to feel more at ease, peaceful and relaxed? Abundant and prosperous? Loving and trusting? Tune into this energy state within you. Turn up the volume and let it flow throughout your whole body. If you still don’t feel it, use the following visual exercise.

Create an image of a rose a few feet in front of you and intend it to be filled with the energy of your choice. Roses have a high, clear vibration and are a wonderful tool to use to view other energies in. Look at the color of the blossom and then notice the mood, tone and energy of it. See, sense or feel its essence. Now let your body match this energy vibration. Allow it to flow from head to toe and down into your cells. Here is a two minute  audio guided meditation on how to Shift Your Energy. Do this exercise whenever you need to raise your energy or want to experience a new vibration.

Shift Your Energy Vibration with Color

Each color has its own vibrational frequency. This is why a sunny autumn day with brilliant colors will lift your spirits, or wearing certain colored clothes may affect your mood. Some people use color therapy to heal physical ailments. I often run clear, gold through my aura space and body to clear out foreign energy. At other times I imagine every cell of my body is at a clear, crystal light and this instantly raises my energy.

Sit with your eyes closed and ask your body what color would be uplifting and nurturing. Bring a large ball filled with this color down into your head and body. Or imagine stepping into a column of energy flowing with this color. Feel the essence of it fill every cell and notice what happens to your mood and energy.

Play with these spiritual energy exercises and see which ones help you to shift your energy vibration easily. Please share any ideas, questions or experiences in the comment section below.

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Dear Readers,

As much as I love to connect with you in the comment section, I am not able to be on the computer much these days due to the intensity of my current ascension symptoms, so I won't be able to respond to comments very often.

I encourage you though, to use the comment section as a place to share your experience, read about others' and to respond to and support each other on your journey.





  1. dimitrios says:

    Thanks for the nice article Gini! I think that the first step before change is awareness.To allow some self-disclosure: before, when i had a low vibration (anger, stress, fear or any other negative feeling), i was not aware that this state of mind is not natural and healthy and, hence, it was hard for me to change it quickly. Now when i fall into the trap of negativity and stress i instantly “remember” that its not a natural healthy state for me and i also become conscious that this vibration does not serve me in any way; and hence no matter how serious the reason may seem, i start breathing deeply and trying to change my vibration. With practice and time it becomes more and more easy and most of the times now i do not even have to make happy thoughts to shift my vibration; as soon i become aware of the low vibration, i make the shift automatically, and that may comes from all the spiritual work i have done and the mechanisms i have developed that now work for my highest good.

    Steps to shift your vibration
    1. Awareness: this is a state of mind that does not serve me
    2. Shift of vibration: with breathing, nice thoughts, overall thinking, spiritual perspective, colours, music, exercise, dancing or any other creative way you can think of..

    For more insights into that, you can visit my facebook FreeCounselling- Spiritual Support page

    Blessings and White Light,

  2. Gini says:

    Hello Dimitrios,

    So nice to read your comment here. That’s so true that awareness and breathing are key in shifting energy vibrations. I just realized another important aspect and that is acceptance. If we don’t accept the current lower vibration we may get stuck in it through resistance.

    I’m experiencing this right now as it is Rememberance Day here today and I’ve been feeling this heavy, grief vibration. I’m picking up on all the energy around me but it is also triggering my own past grief for losses in my life. At first I just wanted to move past it and shift to a higher, better feeling, but now I realize my body wants to process some of the sadness (mine, not others, I’ve moved their’s out) that I haven’t fully expressed – so here goes:( Yet I can feel my true lighter vibration gently holding me in this space as my body does what it needs to.

    Thanks for sharing,


  3. diane says:

    please could you advise me on other peoples vibrations as i am picking all the negative stuff up at moment but of other peoples stuff not mine and not sure if im supposed to process and release these emotions for others as they cant!! Hope this makes sense.much thanks diane x

  4. Gini says:

    Hello Diane,

    What you say makes total sense. Our bodies are very sensitve to the energy around us, and if we are not aware or don’t have clear boundaries, we will take on other people’s energy, emotions and problems (especially those close to us who we care about).

    That is great that you are aware that the negative energy isn’t yours but belongs to other people. We can’t process other’s emotions or heal their wounds for them – we can only deal with our own stuff. There’s a tendency to try and do this for loved ones, as we want to ease their pain and help them to find happiness. But in the end, even if we could process their stuff for them, they wouldn’t learn how to do it for themselves.

    Sometimes it takes pain and suffering for someone to finally wake up and say “enough – I’m going to surrender to my higher self and get some help.” The best you can do for them, is see past their suffering, patterns, games, victim hood and what have you, and look into the bright soul within. As you say hello to them at this level, it will help them to discover their higher self and inner resources for healing (another thing is to ask their guardian angels or an arch angel to support them if that fits for you).

    In the meantime, it’s best to release their emotions from your space. One way to do this is to put your focus on your own emotions. For example, if you feel another’s sadness, tune into your own vibration of sadness as you intend to release their’s. As you expand with your own feelings, emotions and vibrations, there is no room for others. You may have to also look at what hooks you into taking on other people’s problems. You can also imagine passing their problems over to God/Source/Creator as a way to let go and trust that they will find support.

    I also wrote an article on how to Release Peoples Energy From Your Personal Space which you might find helpful.

    Take care,


  5. diane says:

    Thank you for your response gini
    i dont take peoples energys on on a conscious level i just seem to pick them up more so when i am going through a shift it can feel very strange going through emotions from hyper children to depressed adults all in 1 day and has taken a few years to figure it out and am still learning this site is proving very hepful and hopeful!! The shift i am going through at moment seems to revolve around issues of trust,…any advise would be much appreciated
    with gratitude diane

  6. Gini Grey says:

    Hello Diane,

    It’s an interesting space to be when we go through a shift. We’re opening up to something new and better, yet we are in an in-between spot so it does create a vulnerability. That’s when I am susceptable to other people’s energy (and group mind energy as well). It’s so important to have healthy energy boundaries (without being rigid) – I linked an article on this topic in the last section of the above article (aura space from my Insights & Inspiration site) which might be helpful.

    Re trust issues – the most important thing I’ve discovered is to trust yourself. Trust your gut response, your instincts and your intuition. Listen to your heart and soul more than your head. From a spiritually centered place we know within if someone else is trustworthy or if what they say is true etc. and what direction to go in. I wrote an artice that touches on trusing oneself (Let Go of Control and Trust Yourself) which might be helpful.

    This topic is a good one for me to write more about – do you have any specific area on trust or questions for me to explore in a future article?



  7. diane says:

    Thank you once again gini for your advise and am
    really pleased i have found your site after years of trying to
    work things out myself makes loads of hopeful changes on my shift
    and as for the trust thing if i can be of any use or knowledge please feel free
    to ask and i will try my best.

    with gratitude diane x

  8. Toni El Fantastico says:

    These exercisez are great :) it’s for the visual people for the acustic perceptive and kinesthesic ones. 3 cool exercisez :D
    thank you a lot

  9. Gini Grey says:

    You’re welcome Toni (love the El Fantastico). I love to create and share experiential exercises that people can resonate on a variety of levels. It really helps to ground new awarenesses into reality.

    Take care,


  10. Unsure says:

    Hi Gini :)

    It’s Unsure from your Love Bug site! First, Just to give you a heads up on the situation concerning my distant…now vanished, friend, I have still not heard from him since I posted at your other site. I thought maybe it was because he was depressed, although if you recall, I was depressed worrying about it. Therefore, I doubt that was the issue because wouldnt that keep us attracted at the same vibrational frequency?

    I have since been researching the Law of Attraction, The Law of Resonance, The Law of Vibration and much more! Although I am fairly new to all this, I have found so much information on your forums and other sites, as well as read The Secret and other similar books that I am now overwhelmed! However, when I continue to miss my friend or have bad days, I take the inspirational information I have learned and pick my self up to a higher vibrational frequency.

    Although I understand that your natural vibration frequency resonates within your inner core/being, I am curious, can one ever know of another’s vibration frequency to be able to match it in order to attract that person back into their life? If so, how would one know if they need to higher or lower that frequency so that their frequencies resonate together?

    As always,

    Thanks again!

  11. Gini Grey says:

    Hello Unsure,

    Sorry for the delay in responding, I’m just checking comments now. I’m going through an intense spiritual transformational process which makes it challenging to be on the computer at times.

    While we each do have a core essence or vibration as spirit, we also have our physical energy states and so our aura and vibration change daily and within the day. We can match any vibration we choose (which is why we often get triggered or feel down after reading a newspaper or feel uplifted by enjoyable music), but I wouldn’t reccommend trying to change your core vibration to that of someone elses. You are who you are, and they are who they are, and if the two resonate they will be attracted, but this isn’t just a core essence attraction, it also has a lot to do with vibrations we’ve picked up through this and other life times. This is why we tend to attract the type of relationship we may have expienced with one of our parents (lets say your father was distant and non-communicative, until you heal and release these issues you would be romantically attracted to men who behave the same way).

    My suggestion is for people to touch into their true nature and vibrate at that place and trust that they will attract others who are in a similar resonance – that’s how it usually works, but if someone changes who they are to attract someone, they are basically invalidating themselves and giving their power away to the other.

    Hope this helps,


  12. Unsure says:

    Hi Gini.

    Thank you for responding. I hope you are well :)

    Yes, I do see and understand your valid points. As I said, I am fairly new to all this and at times tho I find it overwhelming, I find it life altering. I am happy to have stumbled upon your sites and appreciate all your professional insight from experience :) I have been sharing the wisdom of your words and site links to help others at a blog site I have been frequenting this past year. I believe you to be a beautiful soul with a kind, gentle, caring and understanding heart. You have touched the lives of many with your wonderful words of wisdom in forum posts at your sites or comments to our questions. Thank you so much, for everything!!

    Have a happy and safe weekend.. .Enjoy! :)

  13. Gini Grey says:

    Thank you so much, Unsure, for your kind words – and remember – what we see in others, we have in ourselves so you too have those qualities.

    I totally understand how overwhelming all of this spiritual growth can be as it is so life changing, but we are all in this process to one degree or another so it is all okay, even the losses we experience are a part of a bigger process.

    Take care,


  14. Nadia says:

    Hi Gini thanks for this article. I have been learning to get more in tune with myself spiritually, and it is such a great comfort for me. I am a very empathic person so I can feel another’s emotions really well since I want to help ease their pain, but i also know that there are things I just can’t touch in their lives, as much as I want to.

    Having such a sensitive heart can be a challenge sometimes because I can never leave a person who is hurting and going through a tough time alone. What i have been learning to do is taking a step back and centering my emotions before i help someone. If i don’t take care of myself emotionally I will fall down really hard and really fast.

    :) Take care!

  15. Gini Grey says:

    Hello Nadia,

    I know what that’s like to want to ease someone’s pain – it took me a long time to be able to be with people’s pain without taking it on or trying to fix them and to trust that they have the inner wisdom to shift.

    Taking care of yourself emotionally is so important, as is knowing what emotions are yours and what are others so you can gently release others. I created a complimentary audio session to help people transcend the polarity of sympathy and apathy and rise into compassion as so many caring people tend to drop into sympathy and take others pain on or they shut down into apathy. Here’s a link for it in case it interests you:


    Take care,


  16. Silvia says:

    Thank you Gini for this good article.
    I googled “have low vibrations when getting up in the morning” and my search led me here.
    I have been working a lot with the wonderful energies of unconditional Love and compassion, and there have been may beautiful experiences. But when my spiritual contacts with whom I share these vibrations, are not present, I’m OK for a while, then end up going lower than I wish to.
    But I get that weird feeling every morning, that it’s gone all “cloudy” inside me, and I have to work to reach the brighter place again.
    The worst of this is I feel very numb. Sometimes it lasts all day and I can’t raise a thing, cannot shift my energy even a bit, and have to endure. But mostly it’s that first hour in the morning. At those times, nothing seems to work…I play music, smell beautiful scents, walk in nature, look at pictures, try to visualize…but it’s all so “2 dimensional” Nothing will actually shift me!
    I realize “vibration follows thought” -so try to think of the many things which are good and beautiful in my life. I have so much gratitude!
    I do not read or listen to news, and live way in the countryside where there are no low vibes.
    I am beginning to think I might be going somewhere in sleep which drags me down….I have few memories of dreams mostly. But when I do remember any they are not inspiring, though not bad either -just neutral.

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