The Soul Purpose of Life Challenges

Use your spiritual eyes to see the soul purpose of life challenges.

When we wake up to who we really are – these powerful spiritual beings having a human experience – we remember that we are here to learn, grow, evolve and bring forth our light, joy and love in physical form so that we may know ourselves fully. It’s an ongoing journey; one filled with a richness of experience.

From this bigger picture perspective we see the soul purpose of life challenges. We know that everything we experience is our doing and is here for our benefit. Judgment, blame and self-pity drop away. Courage, compassion and wisdom take their place. We no longer view obstacles as barriers. Accidents, illness, financial difficulties, relationship friction and so forth become opportunities for deeper insight, healing and growth.

Those of us actively pursuing a path to higher consciousness may not need so many life challenges in order to grow, but what about the rest of the world? What about people who are not as far along the path yet, but on their way? We may see them stumble and fall from time to time, or have the occasional meltdown. During these times of apparent chaos in the world, it’s important to remember that not only do we have a higher purpose for our lives, but everyone has chosen their particular lessons in life.

I say this because there is a tendency for empathic people to feel sad for those who are struggling. If not viewed through our soul’s eyes, we can easily drop down into sympathy, feeling sorry for others. This doesn’t serve anyone – particularly those who have temporarily lost a glimpse of their divine self. But if we rise above sympathy into compassion, we can see people’s soul purpose and their inner resources to meet life’s challenges.

Seeing the Soul Purpose in People’s Life Challenges

Whenever I’m tempted to feely sorry for another, offer unwanted advice, or jump in and rescue, I look beyond the surface to see what’s really going on. I’m fortunate to have the ability to read energy, but I think all of us can intuitively touch into the lessons and gifts another is receiving from their current dilemma.

The most impactful example I have for honoring another person’s experience is from watching a close friend of mine dealing with a drug addiction for over a decade. Initially I tried to jump in and save him (this was before I consciously embarked on my own spiritual awakening) only to discover I was like a weight on his back as he swam to shore. Over the years I’ve watched him dip down into the depths of despair only to rise up to higher and higher levels of self-awareness, self-responsibility and self-love. When I tune into him on an energetic and soul level, I see that he is a wise soul who has chosen this path as a way to shed old layers of shame, guilt and self-loathing picked up in past lifetimes. He has the ability to go down into the darkness without completely losing himself; quite a feat if you ask me.

So I ask each of us to remember this as the cosmos goes through its own metamorphous creating a ripple effect of crisis and chaos – all is in divine order for each and every one of us.

Robert Schwartz has written a wonderful book, Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born

What life challenges are you currently using to further your soul’s purpose?

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