The Spiritual Awakening Process and Enlightenment

We are gradually waking up from our slumber and moving into enlightenment.

Spiritual awakening involves waking up to who you really are; to your divine, spiritual essence. We are all arousing from our deep sleep of unconsciousness bit by bit, but now more and more of us are awakening rapidly.

Consciousness is evolving in an exponential manner. Many people feel it as time speeding up, but what’s really happening is that more is taking place in the same amount of time. It feels fast because we are still using our analytical mind to plan and track events. Eventually, once we’ve balanced the masculine and feminine energies, we will move into a balanced state where there is no past or future. No more duality to transcend; just present moment awareness.

In this wonderful enlightened state, we will experientially know who we are. We will be filled with the light of consciousness and the light of love. We will realize that we were never separate from God/Creator/Source; it was just an illusion of separation.

Moving Towards Enlightenment

During this spiritual awakening process, we let go of everything that’s not us; the illusions, the invalidation, the programming, and the fear. It can feel as though we are letting go of our very identity, but we’re not. We’re letting go of the false self.

As we trust ourselves and allow this process to unfold, we refill with our spiritual selves. There is more room for our divine essence to flow through. A sense of peace, love and enthusiasm ensues. There’s no more need for drama, right and wrong, or good and bad. We are amused at our old antics, and have compassion for those still caught in old patterns.

Spiritual awakening is an empowering experience. As we awaken to the truth, we see the games being played. We realize we are not victims of life circumstance, but are powerful creators. We can’t hide or deny reality anymore. This can be uncomfortable at first because all of our ‘stuff’ comes to the surface. The old wounds, invalidation and lies can’t remain in this higher vibration of enlightenment.

Supporting the Spiritual Awakening Process

Consciousness is waking up whether we want it or not. When we go with the flow of what’s unfolding, we experience peace and grace. When we resist, we experience struggle and suffering. Here’s what I’ve found supports this amazing process of spiritual awakening.

Accepting what is. Being in the present moment and in a state of acceptance keeps us from moving into resistance. Non-resistance is the key to going with the flow. This means letting go of judgment, strong opinions, right and wrong viewpoints. It involves allowing people and situations to be just as they are. It requires trusting your Self and the Source of all life.

Staying spiritually centered. Remembering that you are a spiritual being with a human mind and body keeps things in perspective. When we lose sight of this truth and let our mind and body dominate, fear, doubt and control take over. This interferes with the spiritual awakening process and makes life more difficult. Do whatever it takes to be spiritually centered. This may involve taking deep breaths throughout the day, meditating in the morning and evening, praying or chanting, as well as reading, listening to and watching inspiring spiritual material.

Releasing the past. Carrying past karma, wounds and stories weighs us down and prevents us from shifting our energy to a higher, lighter vibration. As you awaken, the past will rise to the surface in order to release. There’s no need to analyze situations or try to ‘fix’ anything. The light energy of love that is on the planet at this time is very conducive for simply releasing what no longer serves you. See the old pictures rise to the surface, feel the emotions, and let it all go. Touch into forgiveness and compassion where you need to, and stay connected to your higher self.

Tuning into Source. I like to use the term Source when I think of God or Creator because it is the source of all life and love. It’s who we are at our core. If you start to slip out of trust, acceptance and love, retune to your Source. Take a moment to feel the energy of life flow through your body. Feel your connection to the Divine. Fill your whole body, down to the cells, with crystal light energy. This will bring your body up to a vibration where more of you as spirit can come in.

These are some of the ways that support me to evolve with consciousness. I hope you find them helpful during your spiritual growth journey. In addition, you might benefit from reading, How to Ease Ascension Symptoms During Spiritual Growth Periods.

What has your spiritual awakening process been like? And what does enlightenment mean to you? Please share your insights below.

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Dear Readers,

As much as I love to connect with you in the comment section, I am not able to be on the computer much these days due to the intensity of my current ascension symptoms, so I won't be able to respond to comments very often.

I encourage you though, to use the comment section as a place to share your experience, read about others' and to respond to and support each other on your journey.





  1. Dimitrios says:

    Enlightening Article! Thanks! Namaste

  2. Marlee says:

    Hi Gini,

    I just wanted you to know your posts have been invaluable for me! The hardest part of spiritual awakening for me has been relinquishing control and trusting that all is happening for my highest and best good. I have experienced a lot of fear in my life and so I believe this experience is happening to me in order to show me that there really is nothing to fear. Sometimes I feel very expansive and light, and other times I feel very scared. I am hoping that the more time that passes, the more I will stay in my higher self and feel that sense of peace and expansion.


  3. Dimitrios says:

    I feel that balance is the key word here… when i was in australia i have spent a long time just being my higher self and it was kind of scary as i lost my sense of identity, expanding and growin… then when i came to brazil my ego took over again and then i tried to find balance between my ego (controled) and my higher self… and the more i practice the more balance i get… we are both physical and spiritual and no dimension or plane of existence is more important than the other…

  4. Gini Grey says:

    Hello Marlee and Dimitrios,

    I can so relate – my ascension symptoms have been very intense for the past 3 months and this has triggered much fear and anxiety in my space. I too want to be in my higher self and at peace all the time, and I believe that is also triggering this accelerated journey for me. My idenities are dropping off like melting icecream on a hot day – no wonder my mind and body are freaking out!

    I’m now getting to the point where I see and feel the fear, but don’t become it or get as lost in it. I know it is coming up as a sign that I have let something go and am shifting more into spirit, yet as Dimitrios points out, we are in physical body so we need to take care of this important vehicle for our human experience. The more our body trusts us, the more it lets go. Letting go of the mind dominated thoughts is very helpful for this as the mind can imagine all sorts of fearful things which the body then reacts too.

    One day we will all have a good laugh at how freaked out we were with this journey when really it is a blessing.

    Take care,


  5. Charlie says:

    I’m so pleased I found this site. Late last year I experienced what I now know to be ascension symptoms. After a peak in late December they subsided however they now seem to be coming back. Could anyone help and advise if this is normal, does it happen again and again?

    Thanks in advance!

  6. Gini Grey says:

    Hello Charlie,

    Yes, they do come back. My ascension symptoms increased dramatically in 2012. They would subside for a week or so and I would feel as though I had moved through them, and voila, another process would begin. It’s as though we are moving one gigantic step at a time, take a breather, then move on. At some point I understand it will completely subside (or perhaps we just get so much bigger than it as spirit we don’t get knocked down by the symptoms anymore).

    Take care,


  7. RC says:

    I’m also going through this experience, I also experience what felt like a forced negative purge during my awakening moment and after reading this article im convinced that the purge happened due to the amount of energy and source I was experiencing/ accepting. The negative energy had no reason to exsist in my space, so it was forced to leave. Actually it was unavoidable, I never saw this coming and I never knew about ascension or chakras ( which ive felt my heart bloom and flow a few times and my 3rd eye chakra have different sensations, sometimes intense sometimes it tickles so much down my nose. since my awakening. How do chakras play into awakening? Thank you so much for this fantasic information, as someone experiencing the same things this article is accurate. Thank you

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